creme anglais

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Noun1.creme anglais - custard sauce flavored with vanilla or a liqueur
custard - sweetened mixture of milk and eggs baked or boiled or frozen
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Very good value that would be delicious with a fruit tart and creme anglais.
And all these dishes have been updated for home cooks, whether it's Brown Butter Crab Cakes, Duck Confit with Killer Bacon Waffles, Barolo-Braised Short Ribs or Chocolate Sheba Cake with White Chocolate Creme Anglais. Big flavor, Emeril-style, is on its way.
The maitre d' arrived with the baked alaska dessert, pouring a generous shot of whisky around it before setting it ablaze and then covering it with creme anglais. It made for a deliciously boozy combination of hot and cold, crisp meringue and creamy ice cream - fabulous.
Creme Anglais Michael Bell Looked on song in her latest exercise on the watered gallop.
Liz waxed lyrical about The Shandon's lemon cheesecake, while I plumped for a hearty portion of apple and fruit crumble with creme anglais.
After much deliberation, my friends ordered the 'deconstructed' apple crumble - which had a lovely cinnamon flavour and was served with a creme Anglais - and Eton mess - packed with delicious berries - for their second courses as part of the Sunday deal.
Crepes with creme Anglais, marinated prunes in almagnac and prune and almagnac icecream.
Callum enjoyed his apple and berry crumble with jug of creme Anglais (pounds 5) - a mixture of bitter/sweet crumble and not too much following a good meal which left him replete and not stuffed!