crème de cacao

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crème de ca·cao

 (krĕm′ də kə-kou′, kə-kā′ō, krēm′ də kō′kō′)
A sweet white or brownish liqueur with a chocolate flavor.

[French : crème, cream + de, of + cacao, cacao.]
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crème de cacao

(ˈkrɛm də kɑːˈkɑːəʊ; ˈkəʊkəʊ ˈkriːm; ˈkreɪm)
(Brewing) a sweet liqueur with a chocolate flavour
[French, literally: cream of cacao]
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Noun1.creme de cacao - sweet liqueur flavored with vanilla and cacao beans
cacao bean, cocoa bean - seed of the cacao tree; ground roasted beans are source of chocolate
cordial, liqueur - strong highly flavored sweet liquor usually drunk after a meal
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25g Cadbury's Mini Eggs (or your preferred brand of mini chocolate eggs) 1 tsp honey 25ml creme de cacao 25ml Baileys 50ml vodka Ice
At the end of a tough day, one can also unwind at the Oz Bar with a selection of fun coffee cocktails: Affogato, a single shot of espresso shaken with vodka, kahlua, and creme de cacao and poured over with a single scoop of vanilla ice cream; Bailey's Affogato, a step up from the regular affogato with a shot of Bailey's; Barako Millionaire, a shot of espresso blended with Bacardi, Fundador and condensed milk; and Chocolate Martini, a shot of espresso shaken with vodka, kahlua, chocolate syrup and ice.
It's creators suggest pairing some with coffee, creme de cacao and vodka, but recommend drinking it neat as it's "that good".
Elder flower liqueur, lime juice and white cranberry juice served with a fresh jalape[+ or -]o slice) and Pistachio Ice Cream (Dumante Italian Liqueur, Rumchata, white creme de cacao and cream served in a vanilla-salt-rimmed glass).
It's a rich and creamy cocktail which consists of Absolut Vanilla Vodka, Creme De Cacao mixed with cacao powder, Oatly cream, Oatly chocolate drink and topped with an indulgent Vegan coconut cream foam and Ombar chocolate buttons.
Choose from quaffable creations such as the Cow Girl (pisco, pink grapefruit, ginger liqueur, big bubble foam) or the Amburana Twist (amburana, tuaca, creme de cacao, cocchi torino, bitters).
Finnieston, Glasgow THE DRINK Pint of lager (Krusovice) PS4.95 Fresh orange and lemonade PS1.80 Prosecco - bottle (200ml) PS7.50 Vodka and coke PS3.00 Top cocktail The Roxy - Jim Beam bourbon, creme de cacao, fresh lemon and sugarcane, shaken over ice and served as a martini PS7.25 THE FOOD Star dish Strip Tease burger with bacon and cheddar PS10.95
Ingredients: 25ml Portobello Road Gin, 3 drops of orange flower water, 15ml Creme De Cacao Blanc, 10ml sugar syrup, tiny dash of grenadine, La Mortuacienne pink lemonade.
Drink: La Florida, with Stumptown coffee, cognac, creme de cacao; Naked Ape, with rum, cinnamon syrup, banana liqueur
There's the Grasshopper (brandy with creme de menthe and creme de cacao), the Brandy Alexander (brandy and creme de cocoa with cream), the Brandy Alexander with Chocolate Chip, and the Pink Squirrel (brandy, amaretto and creme de cocoa with cream).