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 (krĕn′yə-lĭt, -lāt′) or cren·u·lat·ed (-lā′tĭd)
Having a margin or contour with shallow, usually rounded notches and projections; finely notched or scalloped: a crenulate leaf; a crenulate coastline.

[New Latin crēnulātus, from crēnula, diminutive of Medieval Latin crēna, notch.]

cren′u·la′tion n.
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(ˈkrɛnjʊˌleɪt; -lɪt) or


(Biology) having a margin very finely notched with rounded projections, as certain leaves
[C18: from New Latin crēnulātus, from crēnula, literally: a little notch; see crenel]
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(ˈkrɛn yəˌleɪt, -lɪt)

also cren′u•lat`ed,

minutely crenate, as the margin of certain leaves.
[1785–95; < New Latin crēnulātus=crēnul(a), diminutive of crēna notch (see crenate) + -ātus -ate1]
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Adj.1.crenulate - having a margin with small rounded teeth; "a crenulate leaf"
rough - of the margin of a leaf shape; having the edge cut or fringed or scalloped
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Antennal flagellum weakly or strongly crenulate on posterior surface; S5 with more than four spines on midapical margin; larger bees (body length 7.9-11.8 mm).
a) Anterior end, dorai view, b) anterior end, lateral view, c) first chaetiger, d) chaetiger 10, lateral view, e) chaetiger 10, frontal view, f) chaetiger 17, g) chaetiger 78, h) chaetiger 105, i) chaetiger 300, j) branchiae detail from chaetiger 300, k) lateral organ of chaetiger 300, k') detail of the lateral organ, i) crenulate chaetae, m-m) neuropodial thoracic hooded hook.
Notauli absent on mesoscutal disk but impressed and crenulate on oblique anterior part of mesoscutum.
Mesoscutum smooth, polished, with disperse setae close to notauli; mid pit small and subcircular; notauli strongly crenulate, restrict to anterior slope of mesoscutum (Figure 2d).
Scales of body cycloid, relatively large, and arranged in regular horizontal rows; scale margins weakly crenulate; predorsal scales extending forward to rear half of interorbital space; preopercle with 2 scale rows between its posterior angle and eye; scales absent on preorbital.
Leaves are opposite; petiole is absent or reaching 5 mm; leaf blade is elliptic to lanceolate or oblanceolate, 6.5-12 x 2.1-3.3cm, papery to leathery, glabrous, adaxially drying wrinkled, abaxially sparsely punctate, base cuneate, margin crenulate and undulate, and apex acuminate; lateral veins are indistinct.
Crenulate polycrystalline is formed from intense deformation without recrystallisation, probably a metamorphic source.
Notably the chela closely resembles that of Pulmonoscorpius, although the rami of the latter do not appear to be markedly crenulate. Comparison with Late Devonian genera is limited by lack of pedipalps in the type specimen of Hubeiscorpio and their incomplete preservation in Petaloscorpio.
it is placed in the subgenus because the axial sculpture does not crenulate the suture, unlike typical Autocoptis, which has a strongly crenulated suture.
Notaulices shallow, crenulate, visible only on lateral aspect of segment.