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 (krĕn′yə-lĭt, -lāt′) or cren·u·lat·ed (-lā′tĭd)
Having a margin or contour with shallow, usually rounded notches and projections; finely notched or scalloped: a crenulate leaf; a crenulate coastline.

[New Latin crēnulātus, from crēnula, diminutive of Medieval Latin crēna, notch.]

cren′u·la′tion n.
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Adj.1.crenulated - having a margin with small rounded teeth; "a crenulate leaf"
rough - of the margin of a leaf shape; having the edge cut or fringed or scalloped
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Left valve with two massive cardinal teeth, the posterior teeth very tall and pyramidal, crenulated and well separated from the anterior tooth by a gap that is also crenulated.
55 mm); crown margins smooth or crenulated, with very short and sharp marginal ridges; neck surface smooth, without vertical ridgelets; base up to three times height of crown; pulp opening situated posteriorly in base; most preserved bases of scales exhibit spur-like anterior process directed forward or forward and inward; microstructure of Thelodus type; dentine tubules varying from straight and fine, to rather wide in lower part of crown.
Diagnosis: Bagrichthys obscurus can be differentiated from its congeners in having the following unique combination of characters: a relatively small and narrow mouth opening, extremely reduced oral dentition, relatively short dorsal-fin spine with 15 or fewer serrae, both inner and outer mandibular barbels crenulated, a slender body (body depth at anus 15.
clathurelloides (adults of both species having a maximum of about six teleoconch whorls), axial ribs are much finer in producta (20-22 on the penultimate whorl against 15 or 16) and markedly straighter, and the suture is crenulated by the rib terminations in clathurelloides, but not in producta.
Plates, platelets, tesserae, and scales with dentine ridges overlying aspidine of middle and lower layers; ridges arranged concentrically on tesserae and longitudinally on scales; ridges with crenulated margins, flat-topped or having longitudinal crest; orbits surrounded by one or more rings of concentrically placed units (plates or tesserae); branchial area covered with small units (i.
Specimens showing a strong degree of shell dissolution of the dorsal internal surface (interiors of such valves are sharply crenulated and adductor scars are invisible) are characterized by a clearly visible V-shaped sessile septalium (Pl.
3C, D), although damaged in places, is the most informative specimen and has a distinctive rod-like crenulated anterior margin.
The protoconid is slightly smaller than the hypoconid, which has crenulated border.
Dalaman is a cultural hotspot located on the Turquoise Coast, with attractive beaches and hidden coves, and near to traveller attractions such as Butterfly Valley and the crenulated walls of 16th-century Marmaris Castle.
Four, 6, or 8 crenulated setae between the ss on Abd IV, and 2 (half of the cases) to 6 between those of Abd V.
Ruptured ovarian cysts may have a crenulated appearance containing low level echoes with adjacent free fluid (Figure 2).