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the univalent radical of cresol
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The brains were cut coronally into 40-[micro]m thick sections with a freezing microtome and stained with cresyl violet.
Other stains include Luxol fast blue, cresyl violet, thionin and acid-Schiff.
At the time follicular atresia, the cumulus cell expends cresyl brilliant blue vital staining is used for a better selection of oocytes.
In a study by Yang et al., the surface of the GCE was coated by Brilliant cresyl blue dye via electropolymerization and the electrode coated with the conductive polymer film was obtained.
L'eboueur venait chaque matin curer les avaloirs en y deversant du Cresyl. Le citoyen ne faisait pas sortir son bac a ordures avant 19h et ne jetait pas ses ballots d'ordures menageres et ses gravats n'importe ou, et n'importe comment[beaucoup plus grand que], se souvient-il.
CFM imaging by other investigators include cresyl violet, indocyanine green, methylene blue, toluidine blue O, and proflavine.
Beyond the standard white light endoscopy (WLE), studies using dye-based CE with magnification endoscopes (cresyl violet plus zooming) proved a lower clinical and histologic inflammation in UC patients having cryptal openings and a network pattern [11].