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or crew cut  (kro͞o′kŭt′)
A closely cropped haircut.

[So called because it was worn by rowers.]
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قَصّة شَعْر قَصيرَة جِداً
krátký střih
vlasy na ježka
alabros tıraş


(kruː) noun
1. the group of people who work or operate a ship, aeroplane, bus etc.
2. used jokingly, a group of people. What an odd crew!
(usually with for) to act as a crew member (for someone).
ˈcrewcut noun
a very short hairstyle.
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With frontal light casting shadow against the bare wall and throwing shine along the width of his subject's forehead, Evans looked down from above and across, allowing his lens to take in the complexities of texture: the slight fuzz of crewcut, luxuriant eyebrows, chapped lips, the imperfections of freckles and still-adolescent skin, the deep struggle that was just becoming evident in lines breaking above the brow.
When he's submitted to endless gyroscopic rotation as part of his astronaut training, he summons up images of his daughter to stay alert when he's done spinning madly, he practically asks, "Thank you, sir, may I have another?" Brave, crewcut NASA boys prepare for the ride of their lives in a shot echoing The Right Stuff.
I can still picture Joe-tall, dark, lean, with Rhino sort of ears made even more pronounced by his crewcut. I also remember his low, raspy voice.
Some babies don't seem to have changed a bit, while others went from 10-year-olds with blonde curls to crewcut brunettes.
MacKinnon confessed the red was right but joked his crewcut is doing him no favours with refs.
One had a short dark crewcut and wore a grey hooded top, black tracksuit bottoms and white trainers.
blood congealing in his blond crewcut. They interrogated him about the
Kinds of crewcut micelles have been successively prepared for applying in various domains by using this principle, especially for the potential utility as drug delivery systems [7-9].
The 25-year-old, complete with a new GI-Joe style crewcut, was one of the best players of the summer and has all the attributes to be America's star man.
And throw in a new crewcut that gives him a meaner look, Clark is certainly not going to let Blues surrender meekly and slide away into the Championship relegation zone if his actions and demeanour are anything to go by.
In my former hometown for 55 years, the school kids get visits from the veterans, who try to impart that war is not wearing fatigues, dog tags, and a crewcut. It isn't glorious, and your new friends in your platoon are dead before you have the chance to ask whereabouts they are from.
Morrow," wearing "Madmen"-era glasses and a crewcut, on the glass behind our chairs in the tourney semifinals at Bertha Holt Elementary, tickles me.