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Perforated like a sieve.

[Latin crībrum, sieve; see krei- in Indo-European roots + -form.]
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(ˈkrɪbrɪˌfɔːm) ,




1. (Anatomy) pierced with holes; sievelike
2. (Botany) pierced with holes; sievelike
[C18: from New Latin crībriformis, from Latin crībrum a sieve + -form]
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(ˈkrɪb rəˌfɔrm)

also crib′rous,

[1735–45; < Latin crībr(um) a sieve + -i- + -form]
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a. cribriforme, perforado-a.
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Regions of cribiform pattern and aberrant cell piling without nuclear atypia were scored as atypical hyperplasia.
Stigmata of old TBI on an MRI also include areas of encephalomalacia and gliosis, particularly in areas prone to coup-contrecoup forces, such as the frontal lobe (anterior as well as inferior margin along the cribiform plate), anterior temporal lobe, and the occipital pole.
This was likely due to grade migration after the International Society of Urologic Pathologists' 2005 recommendations where poorly formed glands and any cribiform pattern (Gleason pattern 3b and 3c) were reassigned pattern 4.
Histologically, ACC is divided into three types: cribiform, tubular, and solid.
Partem Tumor border Stromal invasion 1 Circumscribed pushing Minimal 2 Early infiltration Mild with definite separation of glands by stroma 3 Infiltration Marked 4 Ragged infiltration Marked 5 Ragged infiltration Marked Partem Appearance Size Architecture Cytoplasm 1 Round, Medium Closely Similar to monotonous regular packed benign replicated rounded epithelium masses 2 Round, Medium Loosely Similar to with some less packed, benign variation regular rounded epithelium masses 3 Angular Irregular Variably More with packed, basophilic variation irregular than masses patterns 1 and 2 4 Microacinar, Irregular Fused with Dark papillary chains and and cords cribiform 5 Difficult Sheets of Fused Variable to glands sheets and identify masses lumina Tumor node metastasis (TNM) classification
Ten (19%) raccoons had brain tumors within the cranial portion of their frontal lobe(s), most of which spanned the cribiform plate of the ethmoid bone and extended into, or from, the olfactory tract (Figure 1, panels A, B).
There can be associated osseous abnormalities, including widening of the foramen cecum, absence of the cribiform plate or crista galli with frontoethmoidal encephalocele, or a defect in the fonticulus frontalis in the setting of frontonasal encephalocele (figure 4).
Computerized tomography showed there was skull defect at floor of the anterior cranial fossa at cribiform plate of the ethmoid on left side lateral to nasal septum.
The infection occurs when water containing the amoeba is forced up into the nasal passages, attaches to the olfactory mucosa, and migrates across the cribiform plate into the brain via the olfactory bulbs.
Excystation occurs quickly, and the trophozoites penetrate the nervous plexus, cross the cribiform plate and enter the brain.