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crick·et 1

Any of various orthopteran insects of the family Gryllidae, having long antennae and legs adapted for leaping. The males of many species produce a shrill chirping sound by rubbing the front wings together.

[Middle English criket, from Old French criquet, from criquer, to click, of imitative origin.]

crick·et 2

1. Sports An outdoor game played with bats, a ball, and wickets by two teams of 11 players each.
2. Good sportsmanship and fair conduct: It's not cricket to cheat at cards.
intr.v. crick·et·ed, crick·et·ing, crick·ets Sports
To play the game of cricket.

[Obsolete French criquet, piece of wood, from Old French, stick for a bowling game, perhaps from Middle Dutch cricke, walking stick.]

crick′et·er, crick′et·eer′ (-ĭ-tîr′) n.

crick·et 3

A small wooden footstool.

[Origin unknown.]

crick·et 4

A ridged structure made of two adjoining triangular pieces covered with flashing or roofing material and built at the upper intersection of a roof and chimney to divert water and prevent the accumulation of snow and debris. Also called saddle.

[Origin unknown.]
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of or relating to the game of cricket
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[ˈkrɪkɪtɪŋ] ADJde cricket
his brief cricketing careersu corta trayectoria como jugador de cricket
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adjKricket-; England’s cricketing heroesEnglands Krickethelden
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