criminal lawyer

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criminal law

Law that deals with crimes and their punishments.

criminal lawyer n.

criminal lawyer

nAnwalt m/Anwältin ffür Strafsachen; (specializing in defence) → Strafverteidiger(in) m(f)
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Criminal lawyers and journalists are not enemies, the former need advertisement, the latter information.
IANS Thane Well-known criminal lawyer Shyam Keswani on Tuesday said fugitive mafia don Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar is reportedly"keen to return to India"but with certain preconditions which are not acceptable to the Indian government.
Koch and Lyonel Norris, laid to rest any doubts he had about pursuing a career as a criminal lawyer.
Another deftly crafted mystery from the pen of Jack Batten, "Booking In" will prove to be a popular addition to every community library Mystery/Suspense collection and is a 'must' for fans of the mystery-solving criminal lawyer.
Meanwhile, Yousef Al Bahar, a criminal lawyer in Dubai, said prosecutors are likely to ask for the death sentence.
Defence Lawyer 2 indicated that to be a "true believer," a criminal lawyer must be prepared to defend an accused against the power of the state "at any cost.
Paxton announced Thursday via a statement from the law firm of Fish & Richardson that two attorneys - veteran Houston criminal lawyer Dan Cogdell and Terri Moore, a former state and federal prosecutor from Fort Worth - will represent him as he faces three felony charges claiming he violated state securities law.
Criminal lawyer Denis Lavigne believes that Beaudoin had committed the offences out of depression.
The image has been altered to show Berlow arresting a Palestinian boy and captioned: "Glasgow criminal lawyer and Israeli army hero Matthew Berlow at the scene of a standard Israeli Army action.
According to News24, criminal lawyer William Booth said that Pistorius made textbook mistakes in the witness stand by being evasive, argumentative and not answering questions, adding that his actions show that Pistorius has become a 'desperate' man.