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Noun1.criminalisation - legislation that makes something illegal; "the criminalization of marijuana"
lawmaking, legislating, legislation - the act of making or enacting laws
decriminalisation, decriminalization - legislation that makes something legal that was formerly illegal
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Denial of abortion and criminalisation of abortion amounts to discrimination against women because it is a denial of a service that only women need.
Deux deputes en sont venus aux mains pour en decoudre lors de la discussion par la Commission des Droits, des libertes et de relations exterieures du projet de loi sur la criminalisation des relations avec IsraE1/2l.
TAP) -- The Civil and Political Coalition "Tunisians for Palestine" on Friday organised a protest rally outsite the Bardo Palace to protest against the procrastination of the parliament in complicity with the executive power in examining the draft law on the criminalisation of normalisation with the Zionist entity.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Jan 3 (ANI): Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Wednesday said the party supported the proposed triple talaq bill, but opposed it only when it came to the criminalisation part.
TEARS flowed in the public gallery at Holyrood yesterday as Nicola Sturgeon formally apologised for the criminalisation of gay men.
Some national and international expert groups have claimed criminalisation of the purchase of sex is not only ineffective but would be harmful to the health and safety of prostitutes across Ireland.
Consequently, it put forward two policy options, namely that of partial criminalisation (criminalising the buyer, not the sex worker) and the option of total criminalisation with diversion.
Selling the party drug has been earmarked for criminalisation under new laws which come into force next month.
Selling the party drug, popular among gay men, has been earmarked for criminalisation under new laws which come into force next month.
Peeved at Chirag's allegations, Tejashwi said those who had themselves extended patronage to the people with criminal antecedents in their party had the temerity to talk about criminalisation of politics now.
The Protocol calls for the criminalisation of travelling for terrorist purposes, as well as the financing, facilitation and organisation of such travel, noted an EU statement.
Crimes, Harms, and Wrongs: On the Principles of Criminalisation (reprint, 2011)