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Noun1.criminalisation - legislation that makes something illegal; "the criminalization of marijuana"
lawmaking, legislating, legislation - the act of making or enacting laws
decriminalisation, decriminalization - legislation that makes something legal that was formerly illegal
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Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud at a memorial meeting Thursday said BNP founder Ziaur Rahman had introduced criminalisation in politics, reports BSS.
'Attention to Omani citizens wishing to visit the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for treatment purposes regarding the criminalisation of kidney transplantation outside family framework in Pakistani law,' the embassy tweeted.
Laura Seebohm, executive director at Changing Lives, said: "Criminalisation of selling sex only serves to exacerbate trauma and stigma.
LEGISLATION to raise the age of criminal responsibility to 12 should be put in place to "stop the criminalisation of eight-yearolds", MSPs have heard.
Slovak NGO wants to draw attention to the criminalisation of the homeless in Hungary.As part of the public solidarity action organised by Bratislava's non-governmental organisation Proti pruacutedu, the publisher of the Nota Bene street papers, several people slept on the public segmented benches in Scaronafaacuterikovo Square in Bratislava using specially designed mattresses on November 7.
The Chief Justice wished that such a law might come sooner than later before criminalisation of politics sounds the death knell for democracy.
In particular, it identifies the criminalisation of children in residential care, the criminalisation of children who are being exploited by County Lines gangs which deal in drugs and the disproportionate levels of criminalisation of children from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds as key areas that all forces should be aware of and actively seek to deal with.
South Africa's highest court on Tuesday allowed the private use of marijuana, upholding a lower court's ruling that found the criminalisation of cannabis was unconstitutional.
"The Howard League has launched a programme to end the criminalisation of children in residential care, and our research also highlights the need for better understanding of child criminal exploitation.
The charity said it had urged police forces to consider and act on the 'criminalisation' of children in residential care and youngsters being exploited by 'county lines' as well as a 'disproportionate levels of criminalisation' of children from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds.