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As the spirit of party, in different degrees, must be expected to infect all political bodies, there will be, no doubt, persons in the national legislature willing enough to arraign the measures and criminate the views of the majority.
Graham's sake it was not his intention to criminate me.
To work this sportive vein still further, Mr Brass, by his counsel, moved in arrest of judgment that he had been led to criminate himself, by assurances of safety and promises of pardon, and claimed the leniency which the law extends to such confiding natures as are thus deluded.
I see it, of course,' replied Rose, smiling at the doctor's impetuosity; 'but still I do not see anything in it, to criminate the poor child.
How far you may be implicated in this last transaction, or how far the person who is now in custody may criminate you, you best know.
Then,' suggested Miss Abbey, though with a deeper shade of perplexity than before, 'you criminate yourself.
Pickwick, his indignation rising while he spoke--'I suppose, Sir, that it is the intention of your employers to seek to criminate me upon the testimony of my own friends?
A postscript, however, mentioned that Adolphe Le Bon had been arrested and imprisoned - although nothing appeared to criminate him, beyond the facts already detailed.
protected if it "tend[s] to criminate him or subject him to fines,
He said: "It was indis criminate lashing out towards the officers, the stewards and the oppos ing fans.
His Criminate is the choice in the opening maiden hurdle despite performing some way below his best when he was last in action in December.
30) are An Caisteal Nuadh, Gagas Horse and Criminate.