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adj. crimp·i·er, crimp·i·est
Full of crimps; wavy.

crimp′i·ness n.


(ˈkrɪm pi)

adj. crimp•i•er, crimp•i•est.
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She has a knot of soft, crimpy, brown hair with a thread of gray in it, a sunny face with rosy cheeks, and big, kind eyes as blue as forget-me-nots.
The letchy Crimpy Crisp salesman who swore he could make me a second Jean Shrimpton if I met him for a photo-session above Dirty Willie's bookshop, adding: "Bring your swimsuit." I indicated where he could put his camera, then me and the quines laughed so much we near cowked on the sausage rolls we kept nicking.
In a varied career, he worked as field sales manager for Cairnhill-based Crimpy Crisps, describing the role as his "big break"; and later went on to become regional sales manager at Beatties bakery, and in 1976 a marketing consultant with Airdrie firm JC Dalziel.