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Lower till that rope-loop - on the after-leach - kris - no, it's cringle - till the cringle was down on the boom.
Ellesmere Port Town were beaten 2-1 by South Liverpool Reserves, who profited with goals from Bobby Murphy and Dave Cringle.
Just ease the main halyard and pull down the sail to a reefing cringle on both ends and you're finished.
And somewhere like Lordstones Cafe near Carlton-in-Cleveland is the perfect starting point for an autumnal amble - including a walk to the top of Cringle Moor, where views of glorious Teesside and North Yorkshire are laid out in front of you.
United lost to Charlton Upbeats but Gary Cringle was voted the goalkeeper of the tournament.
London Scottish: B Rath (T Galbraith 70); C Holland, A Coombes, P Kelly, J Harries; P Lydon, E Hoadley (H Fraser 56); J Harris, C Fenton, E McQuillin (P Cringle 59), R Bartle (capt), D McGeekie, M Marley, J Atkinson, A Miller.
Recent Special Olympics Gateshead competition highlights include Gary Cringle from Birtley playing six matches as a goalkeeper for Newcastle United's Down Syndrome team and cyclists winning 10 medals at the Special Olympics National Cycling Championships in Greater Manchester in June this year.
Replacements: Isaac Miller, Cameron Fenton, Phil Cringle, Glen Young, Neil Irvine-Hess, Sean Yacoubian, George Horne, Angus Rennie.
Javeed, of Cringle Road in Levenshulme, Manchester, was arrested on suspicion of terror offences linked to Syria.
The retina has one of the highest oxygen consumption levels of tissues in the body, and it is sensitive to oxidative stress (Yu and Cringle 2005).
Everyone flying to see Chris Cringle will also be treated to a festive party at the airport.
Sam Cringle and Alex Blair bagged tries for the Academicals.