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v. crin·kled, crin·kling, crin·kles
1. To form wrinkles or ripples.
2. To make a soft crackling sound; rustle.
To cause to crinkle.
A wrinkle, ripple, or fold.

[From Middle English crinkled, full of turnings; akin to cringe.]

crin′kly adj.
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Adj.1.crinkled - uneven by virtue of having wrinkles or waves
uneven - not even or uniform as e.g. in shape or texture; "an uneven color"; "uneven ground"; "uneven margins"; "wood with an uneven grain"
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adj leaf, paper, clotheszerknittert, zerknautscht; facefaltig, runzelig; the paper was all crinkleddas Papier war ganz zerknittert
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The Beaches of Lukannon--the winter wheat so tall-- The dripping, crinkled lichens, and the sea-fog drenching all!
Far out along the horizon was the crinkled gray ribbon of a passing steamer's smoke.
It was only of polished brass, continued the circular, though it was invariably mistaken for solid gold, and the shade that accompanied it (at least it accompanied it if the agent sold a hundred extra cakes) was of crinkled crepe paper printed in a dozen delicious hues, from which the joy-dazzled agent might take his choice.
Diablo, ever to be seen, sleeping in the midday azure, limping its crinkled mass against the sunset sky, or forming like a dream out of the silver dawn.
She drew a green vase with a crinkled lip towards her, and began pulling out the tight little chrysanthemums, which she laid on the table-cloth, arranging them fastidiously side by side.
Why must their ruffs be always crinkled like endive leaves, and not crimped with a crimping iron?" (From this we may perceive the antiquity of starch and crimped ruffs.) Then he goes on: "Poor gentleman of good family!
He crinkled the paper viciously and resumed his reading.
Michael wagged his tail, flattened his ears, even his crinkled ear, a trifle, and smiled, all in a casual way of recognition, smelled out the room to make doubly sure that there was no scent of Steward, and lay down on the floor.
As his pointed fingers touched it, it dropped the white scurf of crinkled lids over black, glasslike eyes and began to sway backwards and forwards.
His face was thin and brown and crafty, with a perpetual smile upon it, which showed an irregular line of yellow teeth, and his crinkled hands were half closed in a way that is distinctive of sailors.
Her eye was arrested by crossed scabbards of fretted wood upon the dull green wall, and whereever there was a high flat eminence, some fern waved from a pot of crinkled china, or a bronze horse reared so high that the stump of a tree had to sustain his forequarters.
His cheeks were red, his brow was all crinkled with anger, and the veins stood out at his temples with passion.