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a. Often Offensive A person who is partially disabled or unable to use one or more limbs:
b. An animal that is partially disabled or unable to use one or more limbs: cannot race a horse that is a cripple.
2. A damaged or defective object or device: "He ... would let that cripple of a steamboat get the upper hand of him in a minute" (Joseph Conrad).
tr.v. crip·pled, crip·pling, crip·ples
1. To cause to lose the use of a limb or limbs.
2. To disable, damage, or impair the functioning of: a strike that crippled the factory.

[Middle English crepel, from Old English crypel.]

crip′pler n.
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Badger gave us in the drawing-room a biographical sketch of the life and services of Captain Swosser before his marriage and a more minute account of him dating from the time when he fell in love with her at a ball on board the Crippler, given to the officers of that ship when she lay in Plymouth Harbour.
One was called "Mother-in-Laws seat", or, Horse crippler", as it had many fine and very sharp spikes that could cause a lot of damage.
The Crippler: Cage Fighting and My Life on the Edge.
Chris Leben is a ten-year veteran of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and "The Crippler: Cage Fighting and My Life on the Edge" is the inherently fascinating story of his life with an emphasis on his being a professional mixed martial arts fighter.
Her plan to occupy the woman with domestic chores has been thwarted by the great crippler of fat black women all over America.
You win some and lose some when it comes to England calls, but the Bears have copped a crippler here.
One who mutilates righteousness should be called a 'crippler'.
It was also just 50 years ago that the Society and its members worked to vaccinate our state's children against the great crippler, polio.