crisis intervention

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Noun1.crisis intervention - psychotherapy that focuses on acute critical situations (depressive episodes or attempted suicides or drug overdoses) with the aim of restoring the person to the level of functioning before the crisis
psychotherapy - the treatment of mental or emotional problems by psychological means
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Gaviola also said the Crisis Intervention Center in Kidapawan catered only to abused women and children and not abandoned children.
Keywords: functional behavior assessment, function-based intervention, crisis intervention
The 54-year nonprofit is contracted by the State of Illinois to provide crisis intervention services to individuals living in the following townships: Palatine, Barrington, Hanover, Schaumburg, Elk Grove and Maine Townships.
Keeping in mind the gravity of the situation, the DCW has sought a copy of the FIR filed in the matter, reasons for not informing the Crisis Intervention Cell, official(s) responsible for not informing the matter to the Crisis Information Cell along with action taken against them, and details of arrest along with the status of investigation in the matter.
The Apex Officer CIT virtual reality training system is capable of simulating an infinite number of different training scenarios that can convey body language and other non-verbal threat cues that are a crucial part of progressive use of force and crisis intervention training.
* $2,000 - $5,000 helps provide crisis intervention, counseling and advocacy
They talked about crisis intervention training, a standardized program across the nation that teaches officers how to identify mental health crises and respond to them more appropriately than use of force.
(2009) found that after this earthquake there was little psychological crisis intervention by professionals either immediately after the earthquake or later.
We are pleased to present four articles on topics ranging from short-term crisis intervention to the effects of racism on pregnancy and birth.
Change Inc provides simple pathways to positive solutions through crisis intervention, corporate wellness programming (weight stabilisation, nicotine cessation and relational health) and referrals to treatment for substance use, eating disorders and behavioural health needs.

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