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n. pl. cris·sa (krĭs′ə)
The feathers or area under the tail of a bird surrounding the cloacal opening.

[New Latin, from Latin crīsāre, crissāre, to move the buttocks during intercourse; see sker- in Indo-European roots.]

cris′sal (-əl) adj.
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For species of residents with >10 captures (n = 6), captures of crissal thrashers, cactus wrens, and black-throated sparrows did not differ between arroyos and uplands (P = 0.610, 0.780, and 0.420, respectively), whereas verdins, rufous-crowned sparrows, and canyon towhees were caught more often in arroyos (P = 0.002, <0.001, and <0.001, respectively).
18 In the US and Mexico, what kind of creature is a crissal thrasher?
Some of the birds that can be found there typically do not occur elsewhere in the country and include the colima warbler, Lucifer hummingbird, band-tailed pigeon, varied bunting, flammulated owl, elf owl, Mexican jay, black-chinned sparrow, green kingfisher, pyrrhuloxia, and crissal thrasher.