A petty or inferior critic.

[critic + Latin -aster, pejorative suff.]


censorious a lowly or petty critic


(ˈkrɪt ɪˌkæs tər)

an incompetent critic.
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I will refrain from citing the many poets and translators of recognized stature whose very positive opinions of my work are so glaringly at odds with the negative one put forth by our criticaster. Nor will I take up the three Or four specific instances where he faults my aesthetic taste; he is, after all, entitled to his own.
High-input farming systems, for example, contrast with organic farming systems, each with their own supporters and criticasters. It is the conviction of the PROIntensAfrica consortium that moving beyond that debate will open exciting new pathways, and that combining elements of different systems will yield innovative systems that are optimally adapted to specific contexts.
This full display of the variety and richness of Thomas Wolfe's oeuvre will no doubt convince even the professional criticasters of his genius.