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v. cro·cheted (-shād′), cro·chet·ing (-shā′ĭng), cro·chets (-shāz′)
To make a piece of needlework by looping thread with a hooked needle.
To make by looping thread with a hooked needle: crochet a sweater.
Needlework made by looping thread with a hooked needle.

[French crocheter, from Old French crochet, hook, diminutive of croche, feminine of croc, of Germanic origin.]

cro·chet′er (-shā′ər) n.
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Noun1.crocheting - needlework done by interlocking looped stitches with a hooked needlecrocheting - needlework done by interlocking looped stitches with a hooked needle
needlecraft, needlework - a creation created or assembled by needle and thread
2.crocheting - creating a garment of needlework
handicraft - a craft that requires skillful hands
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Harling sceptically, as she took up her crocheting again and sent the hook in and out with nimble fingers.
Everybody had his glass of beer before him, or his cup of coffee, or his bottle of wine, or his hot cutlet and potatoes; young ladies chatted, or fanned themselves, or wrought at their crocheting or embroidering; the students fed sugar to their dogs, or discussed duels, or illustrated new fencing tricks with their little canes; and everywhere was comfort and enjoyment, and everywhere peace and good-will to men.
She humoured him in silence, listening patiently by the fence; crocheting with downcast eyes.
Critique: An ideal 'how to' and profusely illustrated step-by-step instructional guide, "Crochet for Girls: 23 Dresses, Sweaters, and Accessories" will prove to be an immediate and enduringly popular addition to personal and community library Needlecraft collections in general, and crocheting DIY supplemental reading lists in particular.
"I am striving hard to revolutionise the concept of crocheting."
Students will be treated to a yummy hot cocoa bar while Instructor Shirley Splittstoesser teaches the method of crocheting a scarf.
Loughborough's local community have been actively knitting and crocheting all year to produce approximately 2,500 poppies, with support from local individuals as well as community groups such as Loros, WI and U3A.
Pouncing on Al-Zuwayed's request for volunteers, Al-Sairafi was eager to help crocheting, saying that the experience was amazing and created a sense of comradery and passion amongst all who took part in the effort.
The project is spearheaded by 67 Blankets, a non-profit organisation that began crocheting blankets in honour of Nelson Mandela's 67 years in service to improve the lives of South Africans.
MICQ's Dubai regional head Vinothini Ramesh Babu, who flew to Chennai for the Guinness event, spoke to Khaleej Times, saying: "MICQ is the brainchild of Chennai-based Subashri Natarajan, who started the group in August 2015 to revive the art of crocheting and to simultaneously help those in need by donating fabrics and raising money.
In between elementary school bus runs for Oconomowoc Transport Company in Wisconsin, you'll likely find driver Trudy Serres spending her time crocheting.