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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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My friend Crocky Doyle was liked everywhere, and deemed to be rather impetuous--but the honestest fellow.
Meg was entertaining Sallie Gardiner in the parlor, when the door flew open and a floury, crocky, flushed, and disheveled figure appeared, demanding tartly...
Half-way up the second flight, they all stopped as suddenly as if they had seen a ghost; for looking over the banisters was Tom's face, crocky but triumphant, and in either hand a junk of candy, which he waved above them as he vanished, with the tantalizing remark, "Don't you wish you had some?"
Inspired by Jack Kerouac's spoken score of Robert Frank's 1958 poetic classic Pull My Daisy, Myles talks daily and political realities with puppet interlocutors Oscar, Bedilia, Montgomery, Casper and Crocky.
| As you arrive at the Crocky Trail you'll be met by a series of gravity-defying scary slides as well as the wheels of wonder including the spider trap and spinning disk.
THE CROCKY TRAIL The Crocky Trail near Chester is an outdoor adventure playground for children and adults alike - and mums tough enough to brave it this Sunday will get a free coffee for their efforts.
Open during the weekend throughout the winter, The Crocky Trail is perfect for those brave enough to face the cold.
We're sitting targets if someone from Crocky (Croxteth) sees us alone."
CROCKY HORROR: Fernando Torres limped off yesterday
He was hit by one of three bullets blasted at members of north Liverpool gang the Nogga Dogz by opposing Crocky Crew gang member Mercer, of Croxteth, the city's crown court has heard.