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1. A portal tomb.
2. A prehistoric monument consisting of a group of megaliths, sometimes arranged in a circle or in concentric circles.

[Welsh : crom, feminine of crwm, arched + llech, stone.]


1. (Archaeology) a circle of prehistoric standing stones
2. (Archaeology) (no longer in technical usage) a megalithic chamber tomb or dolmen
[C17: from Welsh, from crom, feminine of crwm bent, arched + llech flat stone]


(ˈkrɒm lɛk)

(no longer in technical use) a megalithic chamber tomb.
[1595–1605; < Welsh, =crom bent, curved, crooked (feminine of crwm) + lech, comb. form of llech flat stone]


- Is Welsh for "arched stone" and means "any megalithic chamber tomb."
See also related terms for tomb.


A prehistoric circle of standing stones, sometimes encircling a mound.
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Noun1.cromlech - a prehistoric megalithic tomb typically having two large upright stones and a capstonecromlech - a prehistoric megalithic tomb typically having two large upright stones and a capstone
megalith, megalithic structure - memorial consisting of a very large stone forming part of a prehistoric structure (especially in western Europe)
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The Celtic dolmen and cromlech, the Etruscan tumulus, the Hebrew galgal, are words.
New-old, and shadowing Sense at war with Soul Rather than that gray King, whose name, a ghost, Streams like a cloud, man-shaped, from mountain peak, And cleaves to cairn and cromlech still; or him Of Geoffrey's book, or him of Malleor's."
Here you may find nests of the strong down partridge and peewit, but take care that the keeper isn't down upon you; and in the middle of it is an old cromlech, a huge flat stone raised on seven or eight others, and led up to by a path, with large single stones set up on each side.
Who had placed those rocks and stones like cromlechs of prehistoric times?
Top prices: Store steers - M Roberts, Ty Uchaf, Llangristiolus; Store heifers - J Griffiths, Cromlech, Tregele; OTM (ppk) - A Parry, Bryn Hendre, Llangaffo; OTM (ph) - Archer Farms Ltd, Llwydiarth Fawr, Llanerchymedd; Cow & calf - G Davies, Hafod Las, Ysbyty Ifan; In-calf heifers - A Griffiths, Tyn Ronnen Newydd, Llangwyllog; Bulling Heifers - H T & J S Roberts, Bryn Farm, Moelfre.
Revisa lugares importantes en la produccion cultural popular del Pais Vasco y propone para los sesenta actualizar la experiencia de la "desocupacion del vacio" que Oteiza ubica en los "cromlech" neoliticos vascos: circulos de piedras de un metro de altura que marcan un espacio vacio de aproximadamente dos metros y medio de diametro y que Oteiza define, siguiendo la dialectica hegeliana, como un logro espiritual del neolitico: "el cromlech vasco es un pequeno cromlech interiormente vacio, construccion estetica (estatua vacia) de proteccion espiritual, con el que finaliza el proceso artistico de nuestra prehistoria" (enfasis anadido, Quousque Tandem...!
Alan said his son Martin, 13, and his friend were set upon by a gang in the Cromlech Fields area of Ballybrack, South Dublin, on Friday night.
Pentre Ifan (Ivan's Village ) is a cromlech from around 3,500BC.
I discover a dolmen is thought to be a burial site for community leaders, while a cromlech is a sanctuary and gathering place on the winter and summer solstice and for other ancient rituals around a grouping of elliptical stones.
The memorial will be located in the village of Langemark in Belgium and the base of the memorial will be four Welsh Blue Pennant stones from the Craig yr Hesg quarry near Pontypridd which will form a Cromlech and a statue of a red bronze dragon will sit on top of the Cromlech.