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Noun1.cromorne - a Renaissance woodwind with a double reed and a curving tube (crooked horn)
double reed, double-reed instrument - a woodwind that has a pair of joined reeds that vibrate together
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MacMillan pays tribute to the sacred and secular (especially clown) portraits of fellow Catholic Rouault, opening with a desultory melody on the Swell manual's flute stop, followed by a piercingly brash line on the Positiv's cromorne stop.
That Bach's five-part Fantasia in C Minor, BWV562/1, a work most probably from the Weimar period, closely resembles Grigny's style has been well noted.(18) But in a more general way, it is quite likely that Bach received inspiration from Grigny when carrying out other Weimar essays in five-part texture as well, works such as the Orgelbuchlein chorale Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier, BWV634, whose pairing of upper voices on two manuals closely resembles the technique found in Grigny's Cromorne en Taille a 2 Parties, or the Fuga sopra il Magnificat, BWV733, whose conclusion with pedal cantus firmus over four manual voices mirrors the approach to Latin plainchant found in the Premier Kyrie.