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crop·per 1

A person who works land in return for a share of the yield; a sharecropper.

crop·per 2

1. A heavy fall; a tumble.
2. A disastrous failure; a fiasco.

[Perhaps from the phrase neck and crop, completely.]


1. (Agriculture) a person who cultivates or harvests a crop
2. (Mechanical Engineering)
a. a cutting machine for removing the heads from castings and ingots
b. a guillotine for cutting lengths of bar or strip
3. (Textiles) a machine for shearing the nap from cloth
4. (Agriculture) a plant or breed of plant that will produce a certain kind of crop under specified conditions: a poor cropper on light land.
5. (Breeds) (often capital) a variety of domestic pigeon with a puffed-out crop
6. come a cropper informal
a. to fall heavily
b. to fail completely


(ˈkrɒp ər)

1. one that crops.
2. a sharecropper.
3. a plant that furnishes a crop.
come a cropper,
a. to fail decisively: His deal came a cropper.
b. to fall headlong.
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Noun1.cropper - small farmers and tenantscropper - small farmers and tenants    
agricultural laborer, agricultural labourer - a person who tills the soil for a living


[ˈkrɒpəʳ] N
1. to come a cropper (= fall) → darse un batacazo, cazar la liebre; (= fail) [person] → llevarse una buena plancha or un buen planchazo; [project] → irse al garete
2. (Agr) → agricultor(a) m/f
see also sharecropper


[ˈkrɒpər] n
to come a cropper (= fall) → s'étaler (= fail) → se planter crop sprayer [ˈkrɒpspreɪər] n
(= device) → pulvérisateur m
(= plane) → avion-pulvérisateur mcrop spraying [ˈkrɒpspreɪɪŋ] npulvérisation f des culturescrop top npetit top m


(= person)Anbauer m; these plants are poor croppersdiese Pflanzen bringen nicht viel Ertrag
(Brit inf) to come a cropper (lit: = fall) → hinfliegen (inf); (fig: = fail) → auf die Nase fallen


[ˈkrɒpəʳ] n (fam) to come a cropper (fall badly) → fare un capitombolo; (fail completely) → fare fiasco
References in classic literature ?
Then he remembered the accounts of Berande, and the cropper that was coming, and scowled.
Well, well: it's a pity she didn't go back before Beaufort's cropper," he repeated.
Lord Audley and the unknown knight struck each other fairly upon the helmet; but, while the stranger sat as firm and rigid as ever upon his charger, the Englishman was bent back to his horse's cropper by the weight of the blow, and had galloped half-way down the lists ere he could recover himself.
he would proclaim triumphantly, when he had brought one of them a cropper.
He came a cropper, and the girl was left an orphan and penniless.
I used to have a billet at Coxon & Woodhouse's, of Draper's Gardens, but they were let in early in the spring through the Venezuelan loan, as no doubt you remember, and came a nasty cropper.
CAFE owner Roy Cropper dramatically leapt out of the way of a car in Wednesday's episode of Coronation Street.
More than PS10,000 worth of damage was caused to flooring, props and expensive electrical equipment, according to club owner Shelley Cropper.
Revell (above) donned the gloves with nine minutes left after Cody Cropper had been red-carded.
Ian Gordon, 52, was sentenced to life with a minimum of 20 years behind bars for the murder of gran-of-four Ann-Marie Cropper.
Sir James Cropper, honorary Ppresident of TFP's parent company James Cropper PLC, formally opened the new nonwovens production line on September 16 alongside Martin Thompson, managing director of TFP.
IF Coronation Street ever produced its own version of Cluedo then "Roy Cropper, in Roy's Rolls, IF Coronation Street ever produced its own version of Cluedo then "Roy Cropper, in Roy's Rolls, with the cricket bat" would be a dream victory scenario.