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Noun1.croquet mallet - a mallet used to strike the ball in croquetcroquet mallet - a mallet used to strike the ball in croquet
croquet equipment - sports equipment used in playing croquet
mallet - a sports implement with a long handle and a head like a hammer; used in sports (polo or croquet) to hit a ball
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Here," remarked the old gentleman, taking up a croquet mallet from the table near him, "is one of the qualifications for success in modern society.
Miss Blanche--taking no notice of her step-mother's reproof, or of her uncle's commentary on it--pointed to a table on which croquet mallets and balls were laid ready, and recalled the attention of the company to the matter in hand.
The truth of the matter was that it was Lawrence who had murdered Alfred Inglethorp with a croquet mallet. But it was absurd of John to make such a fuss about it, and to go shouting out: "I tell you I won't have it!"
There's the World Cup, cricket, baseball, rugby, Wimbledon - more sport around at the moment than you can shake a stick (or bat, racket or croquet mallet) at.
Jenny was hit smack in the face with a croquet mallet at a wedding, while Vikki Scobie ended up in hospital after trying to open a tin of Grants Haggis after a night out.
Alice wards off attackers with a croquet mallet and can grow and shrink as and when it is needed.
Easter eggs referencing his father Stephen King's works--ranging from Hill's use of "shine" as a verb of the supernatural variety to one character murderously swinging a shovel "like a croquet mallet"--pepper the book, delighting this fan of both writers.
* Mallets must resemble a croquet mallet with a wide side and a round end.
Pulling into the drive of the hotel a few miles west of Bath immediately feels relaxing, the lawn perfectly mown and the peace only interrupted by the sound of croquet mallet on ball.
She was awakened from her inner world by a hand so thick that it felt like the business end of a Croquet mallet landing on her head and seemingly penetrating directly to her brain.
You might want to pick up a croquet mallet, play tennis or try the indoor pool.
Instead of just Hinging the BB with the force of the spring, the 179's spring pushed a paddle that actually hit the BB--like a croquet mallet smacks a ball--just pushed out the barrel (and this is one of the few catapult guns that really does have a smoothbore barrel).