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or cro·zier  (krō′zhər)
1. A staff with a crook or cross at the end, carried by or before an abbot, bishop, or archbishop as a symbol of office.
2. Botany See fiddlehead.

[Middle English croser, from Old French crossier, staff bearer (influenced by croisier, one who bears a cross), from crosse, crosier, of Germanic origin.]
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(ˈkrəʊʒə) or


1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a staff surmounted by a crook or cross, carried by bishops as a symbol of pastoral office
2. (Botany) the tip of a young plant, esp a fern frond, that is coiled into a hook
[C14: from Old French crossier staff bearer, from crosse pastoral staff, literally: hooked stick, of Germanic origin]
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or cro•zier

(ˈkroʊ ʒər)

1. a ceremonial staff carried by a bishop or an abbot, hooked at one end like a shepherd's crook. See illus. at cope 2.
2. the coiled tip of a plant part, as a fern frond.
[1350–1400; short for crosier-staff; Middle English crocer staff-bearer < Anglo-French (Middle French crossier). See crosse, -er2]
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miter, mitre, crosier - The tall, pointy hat of a bishop or abbot is the miter/mitre—from Greek mitra, "headdress"; a crosier is a bishop's staff.
See also related terms for staff.
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Noun1.crosier - a staff surmounted by a crook or cross carried by bishops as a symbol of pastoral officecrosier - a staff surmounted by a crook or cross carried by bishops as a symbol of pastoral office
staff - a rod carried as a symbol
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[ˈkrəʊʒəʳ] Nbáculo m (pastoral)
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, crozier
nBischofsstab m, → Hirtenstab m, → Krummstab m
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In the centre of this crowd, the grand officers of the Brotherhood of Fools bore on their shoulders a litter more loaded down with candles than the reliquary of Sainte-Geneviève in time of pest; and on this litter shone resplendent, with crosier, cope, and mitre, the new Pope of the Fools, the bellringer of Notre-Dame, Quasimodo the hunchback.
It was, then, not without surprise and alarm, that at the very moment when Quasimodo was passing the Pillar House, in that semi-intoxicated state, a man was seen to dart from the crowd, and to tear from his hands, with a gesture of anger, his crosier of gilded wood, the emblem of his mock popeship.
Enter the CARDINALS and BISHOPS, some bearing crosiers, some the pillars; MONKS and FRIARS, singing their procession; then the POPE, RAYMOND king of Hungary, the ARCHBISHOP OF RHEIMS, BRUNO led in chains, and ATTENDANTS.
Angela Clark, deputy headteacher with 20 years experience at the Padbury Avenue school, has become head of school following the retirement of Denise Crosier.
Total (6 wkts) 243 Bowling: D Poetry 2-36, M Steer 0-41, M Renoldson 2-74, J Alan 0-43, J Lawson 3-43 BURNHOPE: G Bendlow b Bacon 53, M Steer b Hagen 5, R Hardwick b Bacon 16, J Lawson b Pattison 0, M Renoldson lbw Bacon 5, D Crosier b O'Connor 5, K Gates c Gustard b O'Connor 9, K Procter ran out ward 2, P Blackstock not out 0, D Poetry b Ward 10.
30 to steal the crosier and LL4 million ($2,650) in cash.
Villegas of Lingayen-Dagupan (Pangasinan) led the ceremonial turn-over of the miter and crosier as traditional ceremonial head-dress and stick of Bishop Presto.
She is survived by her children, Janet Hunt-Baker and husband Bob, Susan and husband Russell Lane, Mary Ellen and husband Jim Twomey; grandchildren Ely Lane, Adam Lane and Casey Twomey; three great-grandchildren; sisters Yvonne Crosier, Carol Martinek, and Karen and husband Steve Humm; and sister-in-law Sue Bormann.
That was the experience of Sheryl and Scott Crosier, who lost their infant son, Simon, six years ago.
"This is a really important initiative between our two governments," said Crosier. "Not only does it represent a joint commitment to space safety and security, but it also represents yet another mission area in which the United States and United Arab Emirates are forging an ever stronger partnership.
It has often entailed finding a new balance between spiritual life and active ministry in what one novice and vocations director, Crosier Fr.