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Noun1.cross bit - a rock drill having cruciform cutting edgescross bit - a rock drill having cruciform cutting edges; used in mining
bore bit, borer, rock drill, stone drill - a drill for penetrating rock
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Nurse Carolyn Smith's Staffordshire-Labrador cross bit the man's leg so badly he had to stay off work for eight weeks, and is still taking painkillers six months later, magistrates in Southport heard.
These problems include severe crowding and tooth misalignment, cross bites, improper jawbone growth or harmony, or facial problems.
For example, cross bits tend to drill a straighter hole than button bits; however, they can be significantly more expensive.
In 2004, school children and adolescents were studied for the presence of posterior cross bites [12].
These differences include adenoidal face, narrower maxilla, deeper palatal height, retrusive mandible, deficient chin, and long lower face, cross bites, increased overjet, and oral breathing.1-3,5,7-12 A study contributed those differences to the long-term changes in the position of the head, mandible, and tongue in order to maintain airway adequacy during sleep.2
* All cross bites in which upper arch needs to be widened.
Button bits normally give higher penetration rates but are more prone to deviation in long holes than cross bits.