cross fire

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cross′ fire`

or cross′fire`,

1. gunfire issuing from two or more positions so that the lines of fire cross one another.
2. a brisk or angry exchange of words or opinions.
3. a situation involving conflicting claims, forces, etc.
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Philip said: "He jumped outside the back of the plane - we saw him with his orange wings and he just hung there, stationary, like a kind of cross figure, just hovering.
In comparison, the Southern Cross figure of Crux (shown on many flags) is exactly 6[degrees] tall, even though this far-southern constellation happens to have the smallest area, 68 square degrees.
The protesters never take into account the 247 mass graves, the Red Cross figure of 300,000 Iraqi men,women and children dead, the thousands still missing, the horrific tortures, the persecution of religious groups and the ethnic cleansing of Kurds and the marsh Arabs.