cross infection

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Noun1.cross infection - an infection that is acquired at a hospital or other healthcare facility
infection - the pathological state resulting from the invasion of the body by pathogenic microorganisms
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The importance of hand hygiene is paramount in curtailing cross infection, he added.
Nevertheless, the prevention of cross infection control is a critical part in the dental clinic so the dentists and dental assistants have a role to play in the control of transmission.
Subjects and Methods: After acquiring base line data on the practices, pertaining to prevention of cross infection in dental practitioners, educational knowledge intervention was applied to them on same day and repeated after two months.
Textilles' idea is to use of antimicrobial fabric toreduce the overall health care cost by reducing cross infection.
Inadequately disinfected laryngoscope blades and handles increase the risk of cross infection when used in patients with poor oral hygiene.
Advantages of using the system include significant time savings for infection control teams, increased patient contact, a reduction in ward outbreaks, increased education at the ward level and quicker interventions preventing relapses and cross infection.
In modern society, people spend more than 90% of daily time indoors, where cross infection may occur due to exposure to various infectious sources in a ventilated space.
This new unit will improve services and facilities for dialysis, with features including an additional 17 stations, a self care area, a training area for home dialysis, and more space around dialysis stations to reduce risks of cross infection.
With this information on fungi, the diagnosis and treatment of fungal infections, and prevention of re-infection, and cross infection, the podiatrist should be more aware of the organisms involved and be able to develop a good standard operating procedure as well as effective treatments.
In a bid to keep cross infection down, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust said only two parents or guardians will be allowed in.
In a third cross infection experiment, 8 groups belonging to different freshwater fish species (common carp, crucian carp, rudd, roach, perch, African catfish, brown bullhead and European eel) were inoculated with 10,000 live trypanosomes (BSF) per fish.
Take steps to avoid cross infection - transmitting germs or infection to a casualty or contracting an infection yourself from a casualty.