cross infection

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Noun1.cross infection - an infection that is acquired at a hospital or other healthcare facility
infection - the pathological state resulting from the invasion of the body by pathogenic microorganisms
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Some institutions have recommended comprehensive guidelines for the control of cross infection.26-29,31
Although the risk of cross infection is low we have determined it prudent to trace back all potential exposures of patients and staff to this patient and, where appropriate, to test.
The isolation hospital was built (and now is Birmingham Heartlands) with separate rooms for patients to ensure that cross infection was minimised.
Nevertheless, the prevention of cross infection control is a critical part in the dental clinic so the dentists and dental assistants have a role to play in the control of transmission.
Every health care worker plays a vital part in helping to minimise the risk of cross infection - for example, by making certain that hands are properly washed and dried, ensuring the clinical environment is as clean as possible and that knowledge and skills are continually updated, as well as by educating patients and visitors.
But headteacher David Snashall urged parents not to panic and to send children back as fears of cross infection were "extremely low".
Key Words: Cross infection control, Hand hygiene (HH), HH behavior, HH practices.
A spokeswoman added, 'The Trust has very stringent control of infection policies, which are geared to identify patients with such infections and minimise cross infection.
"The chance of cross infection now is extremely low."
Cross infection is defined as the transmission of infectious agents among patients and staff within clinical or hospital environment.
The ward which cares for the elderly and has 28 patients is still shut to avoid the risk of cross infection.