cross of Calvary

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cross′ of Cal′vary

a Latin cross with a representation of steps beneath it.
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Noun1.cross of Calvary - a Latin cross set on three stepscross of Calvary - a Latin cross set on three steps  
Cross - a representation of the structure on which Jesus was crucified; used as an emblem of Christianity or in heraldry
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In a Christian context, the Renfrewshire Temple's octagonal shape is a memento of the eight points of the Cross of Calvary and the eight beatitudes preached by Christ on the Sermon on the Mount.
Christianity is based on the finished work of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary. Believing and depending on this is what makes you a Christian.
The plan was to erect a "mammoth cross, a likeness of the Cross of Calvary, as described in the Bible." The cross was dedicated on July 12, 1925, at a public ceremony led by government officials and Christian clergy.
The third track Se teng Sediba which is often featured on Botswana Television relays the importance and the power of the well of life that runs from the cross of Calvary.
The greatest love ever known was seen on the cross of Calvary!
The mounted pole, for the evangelist, is the image of Jesus "mounted" on the cross of Calvary. Those who gaze at the crucified Jesus with faith will have eternal life.
The Message of the Cross Church understands that these are strengthening methods and are benefits given by the Cross of Calvary. As such, the Message of the Cross Church preaches a belief of faith in Christ exclusively, rather than merely in faith enforcers or the faith in righteousness and doing benevolent works.
And the Jesus of the cross of Calvary tells us that we should not expect to be loved in return.
In this context, the model of Lord Jesus Christ and death on the cross of Calvary make sense.
They enable us to focus on the events which led Jesus to the Cross of Calvary and beyond.
Here the uncomforted Rachel weeps once more for her children and Mary and the other women huddle once more beneath the cross of Calvary rudely raised on a Friday around the ninth hour in the Connecticut town that is Bethlehem for all of us this Christmas.
"We should all imitate Jesus Christ for the love he showed on the cross of Calvary," he said.

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