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Verb1.cross question - question closely, or question a witness that has already been questioned by the opposing side; "The witness was cross-examined by the defense"
examine - question closely
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I can stand any fire better than a fire of cross questions. I mentioned to Mr.
Counsel for Meesha Shafi had sought time for one week to cross question the witnesses.
According to Correa, the Swedish authorities were to submit their questions to Ecuadorian officials, who would then cross question Assange on the same, said reports.
The interviewer also has the right, rather the duty to cross question his/her subject to elicit more relevant information than the self-praising responses of the interviewee.
Lawyers will cross question the witnesses on next hearing.
It will provide a forum for marketing professionals to speak directly to Professor Kotler and cross question him on his new marketing theory.
The counsel for accused will cross question on the statement on next hearing.
She prayed the SC to allow her to cross question the witnesses besides setting aside high court decision.