cross reference

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cross′ ref′erence

a reference from one part of a book, index, etc., to related material in another part.


v.t. -ref•er•enced, -ref•er•enc•ing.
1. to provide with cross references.
2. to cross-refer.
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Also included are cross references to Tax Facts on Insurance & Employee Benefits, and the footnotes.
Small black and white photos, cross references within volumes for further follow up reading, and an attention to detail make WOMEN AND WAR a recommended pick.
Finally, Molinari has taken the trouble of providing cross references, especially to topics or issues that continued to preoccupy Tasso throughout the correspondence: for example, the poem's unity and, relatedly, the legitimacy of various episodes; history vs.
The Appendix contains cross references for CAS number to Trade Name Cross Reference; CAS Number to Chemical Cross Reference; EINECS Number to Trade Name Cross Reference; EINECS Number to Chemical Cross Reference.
These cross references include what is called "see" references that resemble the following examples: Chaos (Science)
The discussion is followed by a solid primary and secondary bibliography with cross references to related essays and terms elsewhere in the work.