cross-country riding

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Noun1.cross-country riding - riding horses across country over obstructions to demonstrate horsemanship
equestrian sport - a sport that tests horsemanship
three-day event - an equestrian competition; the first day is dressage; the second is cross-country jumping; the third is stadium jumping
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When Nabhan received the itinerary for The Open Road "four or five months ago", she was fully on board with the idea of cross-country riding and cuisine hopping, but terrified of extreme sports.
Since the '90s, he has galloped along the Mediterranean coast, building his endurance by cross-country riding across Brandenburg.
A blend of cross-country riding and hiking, RAD's cloud-busting trek also provides for alternate routes for safety during adverse weather or for more technical options in some instances.
Originally conceived for off-road motorbikers, an enduro combines longer sections of non-competitive cross-country riding with short, timed downhill races.
The Aske Hall circuit in Richmond, North Yorkshire is considered one of the toughest in the country for cross-country riding and attracts riders from all over Britain.
The event offered participants a cross-country riding experience and downhill portion using the One-Off handcycle--a 4-wheel, fitly-suspended "gravity machine." In addition, local outfitters supplied off-road tandems and other specialized equipment to ensure athletes had an opportunity to try mountain biking.
Then there's cycle touring on roads, cross-country riding, road racing and BMX biking.
They will compete for the first time at the National Pony Club Tetrathlon Championships, at Hartpury College, Gloucestershire, this weekend Tetrathlon tests all-round sporting ability, with shooting, swimming, cross-country riding and running phases.