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(krôs′kŭl′chər-əl, krŏs′-)
Comparing or dealing with two or more different cultures: a cross-cultural survey; cross-cultural influences on an artist's work.

cross′-cul′tur·al·ly adv.


(Sociology) involving or bridging the differences between cultures


pertaining to or contrasting two or more cultures or cultural groups: cross-cultural studies.
cross′-cul′turally, adv.
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Adj.1.cross-cultural - dealing with or comparing two or more cultures; "a cross-cultural survey"


[ˈkrɒsˈkʌltʃərəl] ADJtranscultural


[ˈkrɒsˌkʌltʃərəl] adjtransculturale
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Cranmer-Byng, like many cross-cultural scholars, seems to have fallen into the trap of seeing only noble things afar, and only ignoble things at hand.
International contributors present the latest findings and emerging directions in this three-volume reference on cross-cultural personality psychology for undergraduate students.
This study investigates the impact of cross-cultural marriage of parents on the personality dimensions of secondary school students.
One of the important goals of internationalization is to cultivate students' cross-cultural comprehension and communication ability, which is emphasized by all the universities domestic and abroad, when setting up the development goals for the IHE.
Psychology students work with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, so it is particularly important to gain greater understanding, knowledge and understanding of different cultural perspectives and also develop cross-cultural communicative competence.
Sending our military into different cultures with an understanding of cross-cultural respect will allow the Soldiers to build relationships and develop trust with their counterparts as well as the local populace, because it matters less how you shake hands than what you do after the handshake.
Ethnicities, Nationalities, and Cross-Cultural Representations in Africa and the Diaspora.
Because of the cross-cultural hurdles that every expatriate confronts, it is imperative for them to understand the factors that influence their adjustment to the new culture.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 7, 2015-Moroch to Acquire Minoeity Stake in Cross-Cultural Marketing Agency LimeGreen
We all know that when the cross-cultural knot is tied, it may not always be just for love.
It has therefore become very important that current generation of students has acquired multi-cultural awareness and cross-cultural collaborative skills before it embarks on to the work environment.
Crossover cinema; cross-cultural film from production to reception.

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