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(krôs′drĕs′, krŏs′-)
intr.v. cross-dressed, cross-dress·ing, cross-dress·es
To dress in clothing that is usually worn by the opposite sex.

cross′-dress′er n.
cross′-dress′ing n.
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n. travestismo.
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Once they reached the dormitory's entrance, the security guards stopped the couple and asked them for identification, according to records, before the manager tried to run away once he was discovered to be cross-dressed.
Girls Will Be Boys: Cross-Dressed Women, Lesbians, and American Cinema
The author traces the emergence of lesbian representability in American popular culture between the 1890s and 1930s and demonstrates that cross-dressed women were not seen as subversive or transgressive at first, and were sometimes even mobilized in support of nationalist and white supremacist ideologies, while regulation and censorship of cross-dressed women in film came later in the 1930s.
Many historical cross-dressed women joined the military.
The cross-dressed devotees in colourful traditional Kerala drape and jewellery crowded the temple premises and walked with large lamps.
After that, I cross-dressed in front of her, but now she hates the idea, so I don't do it.
After that I cross-dressed in front of her but now she hates the idea, so I don't do it.
I was cross-dressed because I was training to perform a woman's role in Indian cinema," the newspaper reported the defendant as telling the public prosecutor.
David Cressy, however, argues against the idea that cross-dressed male dramatic characters were degraded; instead he finds that the transvestite male was more 'energized than emasculated'.
In a similar vein, the fictitious characters of Harris's 'transvestite texts' generally pass from one state of (inaccurate) certainty regarding the biological sex of the cross-dressed character to another (accurate) state of certainty: that is to say, there is little scope in their minds for sexual ambiguity.
The lead character is refreshingly dark-haired rather than the traditional fairytale blonde, the wicked witch is a cross-dressed man and in one scene a severed finger is proudly displayed around the auditorium.