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(krôs′drĕs′, krŏs′-)
intr.v. cross-dressed, cross-dress·ing, cross-dress·es
To dress in clothing that is usually worn by the opposite sex.

cross′-dress′er n.
cross′-dress′ing n.
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Noun1.cross-dresser - someone who adopts the dress or manner or sexual role of the opposite sexcross-dresser - someone who adopts the dress or manner or sexual role of the opposite sex
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
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[ˈkrɒsdresəʳ] Ntravesti mf, travestido/a m/f
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"It was never quite clear whether one of Anthony's challenges was to become a cross-dresser or if it was just some bizarre stunt he decided to do on his own," the New York Daily News quoted the classmate as telling the Enquirer.
A CROSS-DRESSER who bludgeoned, stabbed and strangled his wife to death in a drug-fuelled fury has been jailed for life.
I have always been a cross-dresser. I was lucky in that my beloved late wife understood my wee kink and, on a few occasions, even went out with me when I was dressed up.
A CROSS-DRESSER who repeatedly burgled a 27-year-old woman's bedroom to steal her underwear escaped jail yesterday.
She adds that transsexuals can be considered a subset of transgender people, "an umbrella term used for those with various forms and degrees of cross-gender practices and identifications." A butch lesbian or a heterosexual male cross-dresser, for example, might each identify as transgender yet have no interest in pursuing transsexual surgery.
The sexy superstar is to appear as a cross-dresser in the bizarre blockbuster final episode of the series.
Cross-dresser Mr Anthony Jensen-Read, aged 51, said management regarded him as an embarrassment and took an opportunity to get rid of him.
Fairy Tales, 1992, documents Madden's childhood fascinations with wearing women's clothing, and Pyramid, New York, 1984 (When Queens Collide), 1993, relates through pictures and balck humor Madden's experience as a go-go cross-dresser at the famed New York club.
"The more I have studied transvestism and its relation to representation:' writes Garber, "the more I have begun to see it, oddly enough, as in many ways normative." This is but one step away from the statement that "transvestite theater is the norm, not the aberration;' or the suggestion that "all women cross-dress as women when they produce themselves as artifacts." Further attempts to define the cross-dresser as the object of desire or "a way of describing a space of possibility," and in terms of "that which must always elude a final capture:' are themselves elusive concepts, yet part and parcel of Garber's thesis.
He said in a statement to BANG Showbiz: "In expressing her ignorance towards what it is to be a cross-dresser, as opposed to being transgender, opens the door to further criticism for those [in] what can be a very emotional time.
The cross-dresser refused to get his kit off as he grappled with semi-naked fellow fighters in India, reports the Daily Star.
AN AMERICAN headteacher has been forced to apologise to a kilt-wearing pupil after branding the youngster a cross-dresser.