(krôs′ĕn-dôrs′mənt, krŏs′-)
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Among those who could possibly receive the party's cross-endorsement is Robert Restaino who already has the Democratic, Conservative, Independence, and Green Party lines for mayor of Niagara Falls.
By using a cross-endorsement buy-sell plan funded with a permanent life insurance policy, the funds required to transfer the business efficiently will be available.
Case in point: The embattled Shays just endorsed Lieberman, forcing other top Republicans to disavow rumors of an official cross-endorsement and prompting Lieberman's campaign to nix the idea as well.
I am disappointed that neither he nor anyone else in the forum mentioned the Working Families Party, which has become a significant progressive force in New York politics in a few short years just as Daniels advocates: by using fusion, or cross-endorsement, voting, which is now allowed in several states.
The electoral strategy report ruled out cross-endorsement or fusion by saying that the Labor Party will only run "Labor Party members running solely as Labor Party candidates" and that the "Labor Party will not endorse any other candidates."
Cross-endorsement was the main stumbling block in merger talks among Wisconsin's alternative parties.
To make matters worse, though, is the notion of the "cross-endorsement." Here, Republican and Democratic leaders--usually the Erie County political bosses--decided to avoid a drawn-out political contest in closely-divided Western New York, and nominate an equal number of Republicans and Democrats.
New York also allows fusion, or cross-endorsement, so a party can get established if a major party's nominee accepts its endorsement and that candidate gets 50,000 votes on the new party's line.
The two bosses, Erie County Democratic Party Chairman Jeremy Zellner, 35, and Erie County Republican Party Chairman Nicolas Langworthy, 32, will try to get together in a shady back room and decide which candidates will be "guaranteed" judgeships, through a process called cross-endorsement.
Progressive activists, unions and other constituencies, it was hoped, could eventually demonstrate their independent strength, and in tight races their cross-endorsement might hold Democrats accountable.
"The cross-endorsements among different groups show sufficient unity on the part of the opposition to transcend political parties and go to the issues that are at the heart of the Filipino people," he said.
McGraw has avoided making direct cross-endorsements among his TV show, his book, and the weight-loss products bearing his likeness.