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(krôs′ĭg-zăm′ĭn, krŏs′-)
tr.v. cross-ex·am·ined, cross-ex·am·in·ing, cross-ex·am·ines
1. Law To question (a witness already questioned by the opposing side) regarding matters brought out during foregoing direct examination.
2. To question (a person) closely, especially with regard to answers or information given previously.

cross′-ex·am′i·na′tion n.
cross′-ex·am′in·er n.
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Noun1.cross-examiner - someone who questions a witness carefully (especially about testimony given earlier)
asker, enquirer, inquirer, querier, questioner - someone who asks a question
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Because, my pretty cross-examiner,' replied the doctor:
Andrew Faux, Cornwall Street Chambers 'A skilful cross-examiner.
Recommended are: "an adroit cross-examiner," Simon Goldberg; Charles Holland "an expert in the art of persuasion"; James Kemp "very experienced in chancery cases"; Jamie Morgan "a very strong cross-examiner, who is personable with clients"; Richard Stubbs "his experience includes directors' duties, commercial fraud and shareholder disputes" and Antoine Tinnion "his attention to detail is truly mind-boggling.
Dodd said this concept still holds true and agrees with Wellman's statements that a cross-examiner must focus on their own theory of the case and create ways to use an opposing witness to support that theory.
The defence counsel was Sir Frederick Geoffrey Lawrence, a brilliant counsel and devastatingly effective cross-examiner.
com/magazine/pushing-the-lim magazine published by the semi-official China News Service described him as "flamboyant, physically imposing and a relentless cross-examiner.
He was a great parliamentarian who knew where all the skeletons lay and was a great cross-examiner.
The cross-examiner will likely ask only questions to which he or she already knows the answer.
2) Redirect may therefore explain, avoid, or qualify the new substantive facts or impeachment matters elicited by the cross-examiner.
A vocal questioner, a tough cross-examiner of lawyers that come before her, Kennard style and intellectual firepower reminds many court watchers of another Western woman, Sandra Day O'Connor.
If the doctor is aware the cross-examiner has this capacity, he or she is less inclined to be deceitful.
Chief Whip Geoff Hoon, a barrister in his previous life, plays cross-examiner while Downing Street bag-carriers Angela Smith and Ian Austin chip in on politics.