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(krôs′ĭg-zăm′ĭn, krŏs′-)
tr.v. cross-ex·am·ined, cross-ex·am·in·ing, cross-ex·am·ines
1. Law To question (a witness already questioned by the opposing side) regarding matters brought out during foregoing direct examination.
2. To question (a person) closely, especially with regard to answers or information given previously.

cross′-ex·am′i·na′tion n.
cross′-ex·am′in·er n.
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Noun1.cross-examiner - someone who questions a witness carefully (especially about testimony given earlier)
asker, enquirer, inquirer, querier, questioner - someone who asks a question
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'Because, my pretty cross-examiner,' replied the doctor:
I am a very polite cross-examiner,' he said to the amusement of the court.
Recommended are: "an adroit cross-examiner," Simon Goldberg; Charles Holland "an expert in the art of persuasion"; James Kemp "very experienced in chancery cases"; Jamie Morgan "a very strong cross-examiner, who is personable with clients"; Richard Stubbs "his experience includes directors' duties, commercial fraud and shareholder disputes" and Antoine Tinnion "his attention to detail is truly mind-boggling."
Wellman also emphasized appropriate courtroom demeanor, such as the language of the eye or the tone of the cross-examiner's voice, which Dodd said is an important lesson for a trial lawyer.
Espinosa, would be a cross-examiner's dream,' she also added.
The defence counsel was Sir Frederick Geoffrey Lawrence, a brilliant counsel and devastatingly effective cross-examiner. The presiding justice, Patrick Devlin, was a highly intelligent and agile star performer on the bench.
Pu, who is also a successful commercial lawyer, had won wide praise from liberal sections of the Chinese media.AaAaAeAeAaAeAeA Last year a ( magazine published by the semi-official China News Service described him as "flamboyant, physically imposing and a relentless cross-examiner." It noted that some had criticized his style as too abrasive, but said "Pu maintains that only pragmatic selection of cases, a grandiose courtroom style and the relentless pursuit of publicity will ultimately change China's skewed and self-serving justice system."
"He was a great parliamentarian who knew where all the skeletons lay and was a great cross-examiner.
Understanding the cross-examiner's objectives can help an expert witness prepare to take the stand.
Chapters address the purposes of cross and building a case theory; concession-seeking cross; witness impeachment; the cross-examiner's character and conduct in trial; controlling the unruly witness; witness preparation; expert witnesses; problems presented by adverse witnesses, deponents, forgetters, and interview refusers, among others; the ethical and legal bounds of cross; and how to avoid and meet objections to cross-examination questions.
(2) Redirect may therefore explain, avoid, or qualify the new substantive facts or impeachment matters elicited by the cross-examiner. (3)
If the doctor is aware the cross-examiner has this capacity, he or she is less inclined to be deceitful.