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Verb1.cross-fertilise - undergo cross-fertilization; become fertile
change state, turn - undergo a transformation or a change of position or action; "We turned from Socialism to Capitalism"; "The people turned against the President when he stole the election"
2.cross-fertilise - cause to undergo cross-fertilization; "Mendel cross-fertilized different kinds of beans"
fecundate, inseminate, fertilise, fertilize - introduce semen into (a female)
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He said there was a need for cross-fertilise ideas and share experiences with other regional blocs, in order to synchronise our interoperability in the face of numerous conflicts on the African Continent.
It is one of the babies that we're very proud of, because of its uniqueness and the fact that musicians from different musical traditions cross-fertilise together in an improvised, collective celebration."
It is applicable to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and we cross-fertilise ideas,' Adeyemo said.
Success lies in an ability to cross-fertilise concepts, bringing in design solutions from non-construction sectors, the statement added.
While pig production is not a large part of the agri mix in North Wales, the unit fulfils Glynllifon's remit as an Innovation Hub for beef and pork farming, with each sector having the potential to cross-fertilise ideas and techniques.
Mr Allison said: "I hold meetings with student unions and lots of others in the industry, so what I wanted to do was bring them all together so they can learn from one another, as well as cross-fertilise what the really good people are doing so others will copy what they do and incorporate it.
Chairman of the judges David Lazenby said: "I have been most struck by the acceptance that teams really must work very closely together, to cross-fertilise ideas and to create the best circumstances for those ideas to come to fruition.
Over the years we have built symbiotic relationships with a handful of key partners and worked closely together to cross-fertilise ideas and deliver economies of scale and new innovations to market.
Njoroge one of the reasons that the ministry partners with EAPIC is that the event “provides a forum where different players in the industry from different countries meet and exchange ideas and cross-fertilise each other with great ideas and even more importantly expose opportunities that are available in different parts of the region.
"It does cross-fertilise and brings in people who won't necessarily be regular theatregoers, and that all started with Vagina Monologues.