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 (krôs′hăch′, krŏs′-)
tr.v. cross·hatched, cross·hatch·ing, cross·hatch·es
To mark or shade with two or more intersecting sets of parallel lines.
1. A pattern made by such lines.
2. The symbol (#).

cross′-hatch′ing n.


[ˈkrɔːsˌhætʃɪŋ] Nsombreado m con rayas
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The cross-hatching that Goud used in his etchings now becomes more prominent in clay.
Some of these projects are ceiling painter for a day (the child attaches a drawing to the underside of a table and then colors it in from underneath), carving a soap figure, learning cross-hatching, finding hidden pictures, and creating a geometrical pattern, even making a recipe for making authentic garlic bread
Using a technique of cross-hatching favored by 16th-century engravers, her pen and ink illustrations are highly detailed, wholly realistic still-lifes, spun with a surrealist twist in which budding flowers open to reveal exacting, anatomic renderings of human brains and hearts.
Dated at over 39,000 years old, the rock consists of deeply impressed cross-hatching carved into it.
The cross-hatching of paved brick and wrought iron teases the eye in another image.
99) is a pick for any who would venture into the world of machine quilting, and teaches the basics in a series of step-by-step instructions on how to make feathers, cross-hatching and quilt border designs.
While the author includes handprint turkeys, she also adds such tried-and-true techniques as upside-down drawing, hatching and cross-hatching and experiments with color.
I would also suggest the placement of those white, half-globe style traffic calming devices are placed in all areas of cross-hatching and in a line across the emergency lane at suitable intervals.
Melissa Middleton, PNE enterprise manager, is particularly fond of Alasdair's cross-hatching work on the Coliseum.
The cross-hatching, backgrounds, and even panel borders are meticulously rough in this oversized comic, but the characters and themes run together like thick, patient paint.