cross-leaved heath

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Noun1.cross-leaved heath - dwarf European shrub with rose-colored flowerscross-leaved heath - dwarf European shrub with rose-colored flowers
erica, true heath - any plant of the genus Erica
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It was also close to the end of the Manchester Argus butterfly fluttering over our mosslands, where food and pollination plants like cross-leaved heath and hare's tail cottongrass could be found in abundance.
The southerly aspect of Land's End, together with the maritime and temperate climate, has made it an important location for maritime heathland plants such as heather, bell heather, western gorse and cross-leaved heath. The headland has been designated an 'important plant area' by Plantlife, and some of the rare species to be photographed include hairy bird's foot trefoil, yellow bartsia, hare's foot clover and western clover.
Among the species which will be airlifted and planted are common cotton and hares tail cotton grasses, bilberry, crowberry, cloudberry and cross-leaved heath. The aim of the restoration work is to regenerate the peat-producing blanket-bog vegetation.

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