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Adj.1.cross-linguistic - relating to different languages; "cross-linguistic evidence"
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Cross-Linguistic Perspectives on the Semantics of Grammatical Aspect
Together with some general considerations concerning the definition of compounding, this leads to a hypothesis about the occurrence of RA+N combinations and their cross-linguistic correspondence, which serves as the main focus of this article.
For this reason, L2 (1) reading is cross-linguistic and, thus, inherently more complex than L1 reading.
As for novel linguistic material, it can include different genres or corpus parts of the Hebrew Bible, other Hebrew extra-biblical corpora, comparative Semitic data, various contact materials, general cross-linguistic data, etc.
JoneR Pro aims to address the challenge of cross-linguistic communication, providing a better experience for users travelling abroad with easy-to-use translation, internet access and travel guide services.
Understood here as a multifaceted practice ranging from multilingualism on the printed page to punning to cross-linguistic transfer, translation helps Rogers thread his book's main achievements: first, offering a fresh appraisal of modernist aesthetics in a transnational context shaped by imperialism; second, illuminating in a definitive manner the ambiguous relationship between Anglo-American modernism and Hispanic modernismo; and third, prompting a rethinking and rapprochement of the fields of Hispanic and American Studies.
First, drawing on research from a variety of perspectives and agendas, the book aims to bring new evidence to existing controversies about cross-linguistic effects.
Hernandez and Daoud identified positive sociocultural dispositions in the cross-cultural and cross-linguistic setting as manifestations of democratic behaviors, such as being understanding, supportive, compassionate, and unprejudiced during student interactions.
Consistent upon such campaigns, cross-linguistic studies could be undertaken to bring to the fore what shared phonetic traits there are among African languages belonging to the same families.
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