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Noun1.cross-linkage - a side bond that links two adjacent chains of atoms in a complex molecule
bond, chemical bond - an electrical force linking atoms
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As for the brakes - the Achilles' heel of right-hand-drive Mk1s, due to a convoluted cross-linkage - they're actually better than I remembered.
We observed three distinct types of setule cross-linkage: (I) within the setal fan of each podite, (II) between the setal fans of each podite, and (III) across the midline joining two appendages of a pair.
Usually homogeneous, clear, semisolid, consisting of a liquid phase within a 3-D matrix with cross-linkage by means of gelling agents.
Keratoconus affects both the sexes equally and its onset of generally occurs at puberty.1 The global incidence of keratoconus in general population is estimated to be 1 in 2000.2 Corneal collagen cross-linkage (CXL) was introduced by Eberhard Spoesi and Theo Seiler in 1990 as treatment of keratoconus.3
First, the cross-linkage of elastic and collagen fibers in the derms by lysyl oxidase was copper dependent.[sup][3] As D-penicillamine performed as a copper chelater, which indirectly inhibited the activity of lysyl oxidase, abnormal elastic fibers were formed and accumulated.
Cross-linkage has fostered shared funds, perspectives and techniques, allowing concerns in one area to be transferred to other areas, like midstream energy, that used to be outside the public's attention.
The keywords in our search strategy include "corneal cross-linking", "corneal collagen cross-linking", "collagen cross-linkage", and "keratoconus".
During the process of synthesis of tannin-furanic foams, a great number of cross-linkage occurs.
Starch cross-linkage. Starch cross-linkage could be accomplished using bi-functional compounds, which are capable of reacting simultaneously, with two or more hydroxyl groups in starch forming cross-linked starch.
According to the scientist chief staff of Creative Biomart, they provide four different kinds of ways to for the immobilization of enzyme, which are: affinity-tag binding, adsorption on glass, alginate beads or matrix, entrapment and cross-linkage.
Much of them are low molecular weight compounds; they have low thermal stability [10] and show the poor cross-linkage with the others two components.
(13.) Ashwin PT and McDonnell PJ (2010) Collagen cross-linkage: a comprehensive review and directions for future research.