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(krôs′lĭngk′, krŏs′-)
A chemical bond formed between adjacent chains of a complex molecule such as a polymer.
v. cross-linked, cross-link·ing, cross-links
To join (adjacent chains of a complex molecule) with cross-links.
To form cross-links.
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Cross-Linked Rubber Industry -- A Key Target Area for TPV Manufacturers The advent of thermoplastic vulcanizates took a direct aim at the cross-linked rubber, incorporating cross-linked EPDMs into polypropylene matrices.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 19, 2019-: Cross-Linked Polyethylene Market Value Strategic Analysis | Key Players Falcone Specialities AG, Hanwha Chemical, Polyone
A partially cross-linked copolymer of acrylic acid (AA) and sodium acrylate is one of the best known examples of superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) that are of tremendous industrial importance.
Sabic is adding to this portfolio with two new dedicated LDPE grades for the cross-linked foaming process - Sabic LDPE HP0722NDF and Sabic LDPE HP2022 NDF, which will be available globally.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the 5-year outcomes of trabeculectomy with a cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel implantation for Chinese glaucoma patients.
AGPS and cross-linked amorphous granular potato starch (CLAGPS) were prepared using ethanol heat and cross-linking heat treatments, respectively, and their physicochemical properties were examined.
The structure and physicochemical properties of cross-linked polymers related to adsorption (e.g., morphology, thermal stability, solvent swelling, crystallinity, and surface chemistry) differ compared with unmodified (native) polymers.
This results in the decrease of normal cross-linked fibers and causes progressive thinning and expansion of the sclera and overextension of the ocular axis, thereby causing retinal fundus complications to arise which adversely affect visual acuity [18, 19].
To maximize the proppant-carrying capacity of the fracturing fluid, cross-linked gel is typically used [4, 14-16]; this is attributed to its excellent viscosity and elasticity that can prevent proppants settling [17-19].
Considering the increasing interest in radiation treatment on cross-linkable conductive thermoplastic composites, the effect of CNT nanofillers on the structure and physico-chemical characteristics of electron beam cross-linked EOCs is evaluated in this paper.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 18, 2017-Prollenium Medical Technologies Inc wins US.FDA approval for its cross-linked hyaluronic acid dermal filler