(krôs′năsh′ə-nəl, -năsh′nəl, krŏs′-)
Of, relating to, or involving two or more nations.
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'Chinese laws and regulations strictly prohibit cross-national matchmaking centers.
Chinese embassy had also reacted on the reports of the cross-national marriages saying: 'Chinese laws and regulations strictly prohibited cross-national matchmaking centres and we hope that the public does not believe in misleading information and work together to safeguard China-Pakistan friendship,'.
'We notice that recently some unlawful matchmaking centres made illegal profits from brokering cross-national marriages.
'We notice that recently some unlawful matchmaking centers made illegal profits from brokering cross-national marriages.
The Police, the Public, and the Pursuit of Trust: A Cross-National Dynamic Study of Trust in the Police and Police Trust-Building Strategies
Translation of questionnaires has enabled cross-national and cross-cultural comparisons in the social sciences, psychology, quality-of-life research, education research, and business studies.
For instance, the study found that epidemiologists need to be ready to assess the effects of the Affordable Care Act, while globalization offers appropriately trained epidemiologists a chance to conduct cross-national studies.
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) will allocate $20 million to Kyrgyzstan to preserve the breeding stock, Chief of the State Breeding Center Bayalin Baitemirov said on April 21 during a cross-national Farm Animal Genetic Resources Council in Kyrgyzstan with the participation of FAO representatives.
The 18 chapters they present are intended to aid in this by incorporating strong theory, clarifying conceptual constructs, adopting a multi-level and multi-agent approach; and addressing cross-cultural and cross-national issues.
Analysis of this cross-national database sheds new light on previous work, making it possible to examine the impact of societal characteristics such as the country's level of economic development or social tolerance.
Combining formal game-theoretic models, analysis of original cross-national datasets and an impressive array of short illustrative case-studies, he gives new insights into many of the key questions which occupy scholars of comparative authoritarianism.