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(krôs′rē-ăk′shən, krŏs′-)
The reaction between an antigen and an antibody that was generated against a different but similar antigen.

cross′-re·act′ v.
cross′-re·ac′tive adj.
cross′-re·ac·tiv′i·ty n.
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an immunologic reaction between a given antigen and an antibody or lymphokine that is specific for a different antigen.
cross′-reac′tive, adj.
cross`-reactiv′ity, n.
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Most of the cross-reactive reactions occurred with [T.sub.4] and [T.sub.3], and many of the cross-reactive foods overlapped with both hormones, as [T.sub.4] and [T.sub.3] have very similar amino acid homology, especially involving iodine sequencing [31].
However, the immunoreactive dietary proteins we identified may act as cross-reactive food antigens for subsets of individuals who produce these antibodies due to loss of immunological tolerance.
"But breaching peripheral immunological tolerance permits the production of cross-reactive antibodies able to neutralize HIV-1," shared Torres.
Hev b 8, the Hevea brasiliensis latex profilin, is a cross-reactive allergen of latex, plant foods and pollen.
Inclusion in LAIV of the NP gene from wild-type influenza virus is a new approach to inducing cross-reactive cell-mediated immune responses and cross protection against pandemic influenza.
In the immunoblotting inhibition assays, royal jelly extract showed complete inhibition of specific IgE reactivity to honeybee venom, whereas most of the IgE-binding components of royal jelly were also inhibited by honeybee venom extract, with only one protein band of 135,000 left, indicating the presence of many cross-reactive allergen components [Figure 1]e.{Figure 1}
jejuni lipooligosaccharide (LOS) drives the production of cross-reactive antibodies to peripheral nerve gangliosides.
The results of the present study are also in the concurrence of previous findings revealing many cross-reactive polypeptides [5, 11, 12, 24].
Varasteh, "Immunochemical characterization of Amaranthus retroflexus pollen extract: extensive cross-reactive allergenic components among the four species of Amaranthaceae/Chenopodiaceae," Iranian Journal of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, vol.
A benefit of CRD is that it can reveal the cross-reactive molecules in seemingly unrelated pollens and foods.
Based on our results, the confirmation of HPV-52 status in samples reactive with the Linear Array HPV-33/35/52/58 cross-reactive probe, but not with the HPV-33, HPV-35, and/or HPV-58 genotype-specific individual probes ("Linear Array true HPV-52-positive"), using supplementary test(s) is not necessary and is not recommended.
[32.] Quirce S., Salcedo G.: The role of cross-reactive carbohydrate determinants in the diagnosis of occupational allergy.