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(krôs′rē-ăk′shən, krŏs′-)
The reaction between an antigen and an antibody that was generated against a different but similar antigen.

cross′-re·act′ v.
cross′-re·ac′tive adj.
cross′-re·ac·tiv′i·ty n.
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n reactividad cruzada
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axiVEND has signed a distribution agreement with Parallex BioAssays, to distribute the SnapChip, aka Chip2Chip technology, a multiplex assay platform with no detection cross-reactivity problems, for North and South America markets.
Sensitization to CCD and/or profilin usually does not cause any symptoms but is due to cross-reactivity with certain plants and pollens.
We cannot exclude the possibility of cross-reactivity between Zika virus-specific and DENV-specific antibodies because 2 CHIKV patients simultaneously showed Zika virus and DENV IgM in an envelope-based ELISA (Appendix Table 2).
Incidentally, the same cross-reactivity can happen with kiwi fruit where the similar proteins trigger similar actions.
"Our customers were experiencing challenges in confidently quantifying glucagon levels without cross-reactivity to oxyntomodulin, a proglucagon peptide containing the glucagon sequence known for interfering with glucagon assays," explains ALPCO's president, Sean Conley.
First, immunological test is usually used as auxiliary diagnosis in parasitic diseases due to the cross-reactivity in different parasites.
M2 PHARMA-September 8, 2017-Bio-Techne Launches Zika Virus ELISA with Minimal Cross-reactivity with Dengue Virus
Cross-reactivity was assessed with peptides up to 17.3 ng/L (5 nmol/L).
Data shows that Anc80-AAV, an in silico-designed synthetic gene therapy vector, has the potential to provide superior gene expression levels in retina, liver, muscle, cochlea's outer hair cells and other tissue targets in preclinical studies, as well as reduced cross-reactivity as compared to naturally occurring adeno-associated viral vectors (AAVs) that are currently in clinical development.
Sera were also collected from goats infected with other parasites for their cross-reactivity studies.
Other pathogenic organisms, such as rubella infection, enteroviruses, human cytomegalovirus, and rotavirus, have all been suggested to play a role in cross-reactivity leading to pancreatic islet cell destruction [13].
Knowledge of specific immunostain molecular targets and cross-reactivity of selected antibodies can be critical to avoid misinterpretation of overlapping immunoreactivity in unrelated diagnostic entities.