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(krôs′rē-ăk′shən, krŏs′-)
The reaction between an antigen and an antibody that was generated against a different but similar antigen.

cross′-re·act′ v.
cross′-re·ac′tive adj.
cross′-re·ac·tiv′i·ty n.


n reactividad cruzada
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First, immunological test is usually used as auxiliary diagnosis in parasitic diseases due to the cross-reactivity in different parasites.
Measures Glucagon (1-29) with no detectable cross-reactivity to Glicentin, Oxyntomodulin, GLP-1, GLP-2, or GRPR Sensitive to 2.
She stresses the importance of not only having an assay with no cross-reactivity between analytes within the assay but also minimizing cross-reactivity with substances similar to the hormones that should be measured.
M2 PHARMA-September 8, 2017-Bio-Techne Launches Zika Virus ELISA with Minimal Cross-reactivity with Dengue Virus
Data shows that Anc80-AAV, an in silico-designed synthetic gene therapy vector, has the potential to provide superior gene expression levels in retina, liver, muscle, cochlea's outer hair cells and other tissue targets in preclinical studies, as well as reduced cross-reactivity as compared to naturally occurring adeno-associated viral vectors (AAVs) that are currently in clinical development.
The extent to which these immunoassays exhibit cross-reactivity to B-type natriuretic peptides as well as with their glycosylated and nonglycosylated forms is an important question to elucidate, as this may affect the clinical performance of the assays with implications for patient care.
Rather, we used biopsies from patients with intestinal spirochetosis to evaluate the potential of cross-reactivity of a commercially available polyclonal antibody directed against T pallidum.
Current techniques, such as immunoassays, typically have difficulties distinguishing between closely related Prunus species as they suffer from cross-reactivity.
Serologic cross-reactivity between these arboviruses is common; thus, to ensure optimal patient care and accurate epidemiologic surveillance, an effective differential diagnosis is required in regions with active transmission of dengue virus and circulation of Zika virus (2-4).
A partial cross-reactivity exists between cricket and grasshopper allergens.
It offers fundamental advantages by delivering diverse panels of therapeutically relevant antibodies that meet the most aggressive standards for affinity, epitope coverage, species cross-reactivity and developability.
The article addressed urine drug screening, particularly cross-reactivity of the different drugs.