cross reference

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cross′ ref′erence

a reference from one part of a book, index, etc., to related material in another part.


v.t. -ref•er•enced, -ref•er•enc•ing.
1. to provide with cross references.
2. to cross-refer.
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Of the incidents, 16 were not cross-referenced with any previous ones, and many of the remainder were only cross-referenced to one other incident rather than to a range of them.
Entries are often cross-referenced and a comprehensive index also includes cross-referencing so readers are encouraged to flick, turn pages and immerse themselves in Henry's world.
Covering geographical features, expeditions, people, scientific subjects, and topics of general interest, the entries are cross-referenced for ease of use.
where a federal court must determine whether such cross-referenced
Regardless of its length, each essay includes a definition and synonym, when applicable, and all the text presents cross-referenced terms highlighted with an arrow and blue font.
The pictures will be run through a cutting-edge facial recognition programme and cross-referenced against a database of suspects.
Sixty-one chapters organized by topics ranging from "Not Wanting to Practice" to "Managing Deadlines" are cross-referenced to facilitate further inquiry.
television--and cross-referenced by means of an index.
Tips on regional climate and conditions, run timing, visitor service costs, trophy and record fishes, USGS map references, fishing regulations, flies for Alaskan fish, a cross-referenced index and more make Alaska Fishing as friendly to novice fishers as it is valuable to seasoned experts.
The updated forth editions of Robert Hine's FACTS ON FILE DICIONARY OF BIOLOGY (081605648X, $17.95) and John Diantith's DICTIONARY OF CHEMISTRY (0816056501, $17.95) each pack in cross-referenced entries which define and explain the most frequently used terms, adding pronunciation symbols for over a thousand uncommon terms and providing tools which aid in interpretation and analysis.
This cross reference and technical catalog features over 4,392 NTE devices, including many new products, cross-referenced to over 383,560 replacements for U.S., Asian and European industry part numbers.