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cross section

also cross-sec·tion (krôs′sĕk′shən, krŏs′-)
a. A section formed by a plane cutting through an object, usually at right angles to an axis.
b. A piece so cut or a graphic representation of such a piece.
2. Physics A quantity, measured in units of barns, used to express the probability of an encounter between particles over a given area in a collision. Also called collision cross section.
3. Statistics A sample meant to be representative of a whole population.
4. Informal A variety; a diversity.

cross′-sec′tion·al adj.
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Adj.1.cross-sectional - of or relating to a cross section; "a cross-sectional slice"
2.cross-sectional - representing a plane made by cutting across something at right angles to its length; "cross-section views of the neck"
crosswise - lying or extending across the length of a thing or in a cross direction; "a crosswise street"; "the crosswise dimension"
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In 1895 the first Nomina Anatomica was published in Basel, Switzerland, known as the Basel Nomina Anatomica (BNA), coincidently the same year the term by Preiswerk was introduced (Preiswerk, 1895) in German as 'Perikymatien', although previously in 1678, Dutch researcher Leeuwenhoek was the first to describe them as, "fine circular grooves, oriented cross-sectionally on the surface of the enamel" (Nasmyth, 1839).
Research Question 1: Cross-sectionally by grade, how do findings about the proportion of students receiving special education services differ with the use of a current-EL framework as compared to an ever-EL framework?
In this study of adults at high risk of type 2 diabetes, plasma concentrations of several PFAS measured at baseline were cross-sectionally associated with higher markers of insulin resistance and [beta]-cell function at baseline.
Openness was found to increase both cross-sectionally and longitudinally as well (McCrae et al.
Additionally, we employ one first-generation (the IPS test of Int, Pesaran, and Shin 2003) and one second-generation (the cross-sectionally augmented IPS [CIPS] test of Pesaran 2007 that accounts for CSD) panel unit root test for our panel variables ([U.
We have shown that the two indicators, SII and NRI are strongly linked, hypothesis that has been verified in two ways: longitudinally, using historical data at national level, over a period longer than 6 years [4][12], and cross-sectionally, for a specific year, considering the most of European countries [4][10][12].
The cross-sectionally averaged fuel volume fraction [[?
We first estimate the proportion of workers, among the hourly workforce, considered low-wage workers by each definition, both cross-sectionally for the year 2013 and over time for the period 1990-2013.
Cruickshanks and colleagues8 investigated the relationship between microalbuminuria and the presence and severity of diabetic retinopathy in a large population-based cohort of individuals with diabetes they concluded that microalbuminuria is associated cross-sectionally with the presence of retinopathy in persons with diabetes and microalbuminuria may be a marker for the risk of proliferative retinopathy developing.
SRP and official poverty are cross-sectionally similar.
Strategically, measuring customer satisfaction enables an organization to, among others, achieve the following objectives: *Track whether or not the organization is consistently satisfying its customers at an acceptable level (both cross-sectionally and over time) *Identify whether the level of satisfaction is different among different subgroups of customers facilitating the development of targeted strategies to identify root causes of dissatisfaction among key subgrou