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Adj.1.cross-shaped - shaped in the form of a cross
formed - having or given a form or shape
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He looked round like a man who has lost his way; and he saw a dark smudge, a cross-shaped stain, upon the shifting purity of the mist.
Hairy--too hairy, and when found in the water more than likely to hide a cross-shaped hook.
Graham will be buried beside his wife, Ruth, who died in 2007, at the foot of a cross-shaped walkway at Graham's library in Charlotte.
The cross-shaped Bulgarian church was built in 1898 with 500 tons of prefabricated iron components from Austria.
As the new route shares an interchange with Metro Line 1 that opened in 2016, the opening of Line 2 indicates that the Nanning Metro has now formed a cross-shaped network and that the city is ushering a new era of commuting convenience.
Polycarbonate transparent 25210012000mm, cross-shaped structure, UV layer on both sides, sheet
For this he will be fire roasting Welsh Lamb on an Asado - a cross-shaped barbecue from Argentina - for both days of the winter fair in Builth Wells (Nov 27-28).
These sensory impairments are complemented by Toym Imao's set: a sprawling, cross-shaped ramp surrounded on all sides by statues on plinths.
Their concept privileged human interaction over solemn, silent reading rooms, and the resulting building, which opened in January, is a cross-shaped complex with a communal area at its heart.
NGC 2281 also lies just 1[degrees] south of a delightful cross-shaped asterism.
His tips include making a cross-shaped burn on a vampire's face bubble by mixing together bicarbonate of soda and normal malt vinegar.
In this study we proposed a method of analytical solution for boundary value problem of stress-strain state of the bending of an infinite plate with a rigid cross-shaped embedment.