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Adj.1.cross-shaped - shaped in the form of a cross
formed - having or given a form or shape
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He looked round like a man who has lost his way; and he saw a dark smudge, a cross-shaped stain, upon the shifting purity of the mist.
"Hairy--too hairy, and when found in the water more than likely to hide a cross-shaped hook.
Woodland lore, passed along through oral tradition, says these cross-shaped stones formed from the tears of fairies after they learned that Jesus had died.
The Armenian press is trying to "Armenify" three of the carpets displayed at the exhibition, basing their claims on the cross-shaped patterns found on the said carpets.
Plans put forward for the cathedral's rebuilding include a cross-shaped swimming pool for the roof, giving Parisian's a place to soak up the sun.
Woodland lore has it that the cross-shaped stones came from the solidified tears of forest fairies the day they heard that Jesus died.
IT COULD have been home to the tallest tower in Liverpool - but now a former pub site that was to become a giant cross-shaped skyscraper could be cleared to make way for a road scheme.
Graham will be buried beside his wife, Ruth, who died in 2007, at the foot of a cross-shaped walkway at Graham's library in Charlotte.
The cross-shaped Bulgarian church was built in 1898 with 500 tons of prefabricated iron components from Austria.
As the new route shares an interchange with Metro Line 1 that opened in 2016, the opening of Line 2 indicates that the Nanning Metro has now formed a cross-shaped network and that the city is ushering a new era of commuting convenience.
The fork-shaped bubble appears when [[rho].sub.max] corresponds to [[theta].sub.1] = ((2i - 1)/4)[pi], and when [rho].sub.max] corresponds to [[theta].sub.2] = (1/2)[pi], the cross-shaped bubble appears.