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(krôs′tŏl′ər-əns, krŏs′-)
Tolerance or resistance to an effect or effects of a compound as a result of tolerance previously developed to a pharmacologically similar compound.


resistance or low reaction to the effects of a drug, poison, etc., because of tolerance to a pharmacologically similar substance.
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In addition, NMDA activity "may mean that it reduces some of the cross-tolerance that we see with patients being converted from another opioid to methadone," she said.
These include cross-tolerance, withdrawal mediation, replacement, alternating addiction cycles, masking, ritualizing, intensification, numbing, disinhibiting and combining.
Because cross-tolerance between methadone and other opioids is incomplete, switching patients from other opioids to methadone is complex, so patients with a tolerance for other opioids can experience a methadone overdose.
Chronic alcohol treatment can produce not only tolerance to the effects of alcohol but also cross-tolerance to the effects of nicotine.
For the experimental conditions studied here, drying rate was always observed to affect viability, however, no interaction parameters were implemented to model the cross-tolerance of drying rate and moisture content.
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Crosses between two wild oat biotypes (UM1 and UM33) differing in their herbicide cross-tolerance patterns indicated that the biotypes had different dominant alleles of the same gene (22).